How safe and secure your employees feel while working for your company speaks volume about the company’s culture. Employees who are assured about workplace safety are more engaged. While in-house safety is relatively easier, safety of those working out on the field requires an effective mobile communication platform. Now-a-days companies are considering Employee Safety Mobile App for ensuring the safety of their employees. It helps both the field representatives/employees and the supervisors at office to stay connected in more ways. Read here for full list:

1. Real-time Access to Information

Safety Mobile App

It allows immediate access to safety-related information. For example, novice technicians may have to go through a manual to check the best procedures and practices to repair a machine. Or else, in industries such as mining, construction etc. employees may need to access relevant information related to operating machines and equipment. In such cases, employees need not check the manual repeatedly. They can use the mobile app to read what they need and when they need.

2. Immediate Reporting

Many times, actions to beef up safety measures at the workplace are taken only after a serious accident. This is because the small misses which lead to a bigger accident go unreported when traditional reporting methods are used. Sometimes, it may take too long to reach a workstation and the employee/ field rep may not be able to articulate the exact incident or problem and the actual issue might remain unresolved. Through an app, employees can report incidents quickly. The option to share pictures allows the management to get a fairly accurate idea about the work conditions. Further, an employee’s faith in the organisation increases when he knows that he/she is given the assurance that the management cares for his or safety and well-being.

3. Instant Notifications

Instant notification

Emergency is not limited to impromptu client meetings or alerting employees when an untoward incident happens within the office premises. The company may need to get in touch with employees for more reasons than one, for example, extreme weather conditions, violence at or area around the office, contacting employees who are heading home after completing a night shift etc.  Instant communication can help keep employees safe in the face of these possible disasters or threats. These cloud-based apps send alerts to employees and also informs them about safety tips to be followed during an emergency .  In case an employee gets stuck in the midst of a dangerous situation, he/she can send SOS message so that help reaches him or her as soon as possible.

4.   Feedback to Co-workers

In a study by Safety Performance Solutions Inc, “90 percent of employees believe employees should caution others when they’re operating unsafely, but only 60 percent actually provide this feedback.” Employees sometimes think that a feedback may not be taken positively by a co-worker and hence refrain from doing so. Employee safety apps provide a secure and safe platform to employees to share their feedback without sounding too critical or intrusive and by helping them avoid the pitfalls that come along with typical reporting methods.


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