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Today I’m going to share a tip with you about transferring files from PC through Shareit.

Now a days Shareit is a most important app  and so useful to many persons. Many people are use this app, So first of all you need to install this app in your Android Device or Windows PC than you can transfer files from PC through Shareit. This app is very useful and have failed Bluetooth in such a mean time.

Shareit app can help you to transferring file faster e.g. (photo / video / music or many things) between Android to PC or PC to Android and one more thing is that you can take this app from your friends also take a link on your device and Start Download or you can get it through bluetooth.

Download Links:

Shareit Apk v3.5 (Latest Version)

Shareit for Windows Phone

Shareit for PC (Windows)

Shareit for Apple Devices (iPhone, iPod)

Steps for transferring files from PC through Shareit

Today I’m going to share a tip with you about transferring files from PC through Shareit.

  1. First open your Shareit App in your Windows PC.Shareit file Transfer
  2. Click on the mobile device as shown in the Screenshot.shareit file transfer
  3. Scan the QR code to connect to the device.shareit file transfer
  4. Scan the QR code from your device.
  5. You can share your file or folder in two different ways.
    * First you can Drag and Drop the file
    * Second you can browse the fileshareit transfer file from android to pc
  6. Than wait while your file or folder is transferring to another device.
  7. After file transfer disconnect your device from your device.

I Think you got proper guidance from this article how to use transfer file between Android and PC. Comment if you like this article.

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