3 Mistakes to Avoid When Publishing Video Content on a Blog

Starting to publish video content on your blog is a great move, and it will undoubtedly help you to generate more traffic and engage viewers. However for it to be effective you need to make sure that you avoid some of the more common pitfalls that could reduce its effectiveness.

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If you’re going to be publishing videos, there are a few mistakes in particular that you should be aware of:

  • Publishing more than one video on a webpage

When you publish more than one video on a webpage, two things happen: Firstly search engines will only list the first video that they see – meaning that the second video won’t rank at all. And secondly it will increase the time that it takes for your website to load.

As you can imagine you don’t want either of those things to happen, which is why you should avoid publishing multiple videos on the same webpage. Give each piece of video content its own webpage – and you’ll easily dodge this issue.

  • Self-hosting video content

While technically there is nothing wrong with self-hosting your videos, there are lots of reasons to avoid it.

If you do self-host your videos you will need to juggle the storage and bandwidth that the videos require, as well as the need to convert it into multiple versions with different formats and resolutions.

In most cases it is far easier and more practical to embed your video from an online video platform instead. Or if you want more control you could use a paid video platform or Content Delivery Network (CDN).

  • Not optimizing the web design for video content

Before you publish video content on your blog, you should make sure that its web design can cater to it. Without an optimized web design your videos won’t have the impact that you want. In fact, they could even make your blog look cluttered and crowded.

Preferably your blog’s web design should let you place the video in a prominent position above the fold, adapt the layout using responsive design for different screen sizes, and not feel cluttered because there is insufficient white space. If it does not – your first order of business should be tweaking it.

By avoiding these mistakes you should be able to benefit from the video content that you publish on your blog more effectively.

If you want you should use Movavi Video Editor to create and edit the videos, as it is a user-friendly and capable blog and YouTube video maker. With its features you can easily cut together a video, make improvements to its quality, add audio tracks, insert subtitles, and more.

By creating more engaging videos and publishing them in the right way, you will find that your blog has a lot to gain. The traffic alone should give you a boost, and the increased engagement will help you to build your brand and improve your blog’s following in the long term.

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