5 Best Web Hosting Companies

Web hosting is the very important for any website. The performance of your website is directly depends upon your host. If the host is not good then user may face downtime and this will harm your traffic. Finding the best host for website is headache. Because there are many hosting companies available in the market so the beginner will get some confusion while choosing the best host. When you are paying your money at that time you should get the best outcome of your money. So here we are going to introduce 5 best web hosting companies.

Best Web Hosting Companies

WP engine: WP Engine is VIP WordPress hosting. Their hassle free hosting offers robust servers that can handle any traffic. The customer supports are the best. They provide services like daily backup, high security, high security updates etc. They are having a great team of WordPress experts who can handle any difficult task. If you are able to drive a huge amount of traffic to your website then only you are able to afford this service. For a non technical people this hosting is best.

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Hostgator - Best Web Hosting Companies

HostGator: When anyone talks about best web hosting, he always includes HostGator. This is best web hosting for any type of the website. They provide features like unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, and unlimited space with affordable price. They have mainly 3 plans named hatchling plan, baby plan and business plan. They also provide hosting for VPS and Reseller plans.

DreamHost - Best Web Hosting Companies

DreamHost: Dreamhost is a good choice for you if you have a good site building capabilities. DreamHost provides lots of features for security, domain management, cloud storage etc. DremHost has equal balance of features and price. So it is best and affordable. But it you don’t have tools to build your website then DreamHost is not for you.

Bluehost - Best Web Hosting Companies

BlueHost: This is my favourite web hosting provider. The main feature of BlueHost is their uptime, wide range of hosting option, easy to use interface etc. But the main drawbacks are there is no window based hosting available. The shared plans do not have monthly fee. If you are ready to pay some good amount but you expect good service then you should defiantly go for BlueHost.

Siteground - Best Web Hosting Companies

Siteground: This is well known hosting company. They integrate with cloudflare for the improvements in performance. They provide a good security and customer supports. They also provide service for automatic backup. You can choose the location of your server. So you can host your site at your preferable location. The cons of siteground are they don’t provide lots of bandwidth and space. They also not provide windows hosting.

So up to now, you have a clear understanding about why the good host is required and which are the best hosting companies available. The choice of best hosting should cover all your requirements. So that you can utilize all the features of hosting and enjoy the hosting. The above 5 web hosting providers are well known in the field of web hosting. All of them are providing reliable services.

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