The technology that seemed unimaginable some decades before has now become the reality in the 21st century. Like smart phones home automation is nothing but smart homes. The controlling and managing your home via various applications and devices is known as home automation. People are largely following this technology to get better convenience in their homes at least.

6 Tricks about Home Automation You Wish You Knew Before

People are changing their monotonous daily routines to technology driven homes where everything is just controlled by some devices only. But don’t try to let home automation threat you in any way. Too much technology can make you lazy and cause you health issues as well. Think of the home or place where your daily routine items are connected to an Internet and everything is happening so conveniently. Here we will try to tell you some tricks related to home automation that you wish you knew before.

Entry Restricted

If there are areas in your home where you don’t want anyone to enter, then by the use of technology you can prevent the entry to that particular area. You can enable the keypad lock with the help of Internet to that area and control it via smart phone. By simply entering the code on the screen, the door can be locked or unlocked. You can even add security alert if someone tries to tamper with that area.

Water Alert

You can install the water sensors at the places that use water like kitchen, laundry room, washroom, water storage tanks etc. So if there is a leak or water overflow, it will alert you via SMS or alarm. It can also shut the main water valve that will not over flow the water in your absence.

Clean your Home

Cleaning of your home can become smarter and advanced with the help of robots and other technology driven devices. The internal camera fitted inside the cleaning robot will draw the layout of your home and will go that places which needs to cleaned. You can easily control it with the help of an app in your smart phone. So in your absence from the home, this technology works really well.

Get a Personal Assistant

People are tired of hiring maids and helpers for the daily routine. So this technology driven personal assistant is of great help during this time. Various apps that uses this technology often runs with your voice and will do all the work that you will ask it to do. Moreover it will also control other home automation devices easily. This personal assistant will help you in finding the lost items and various other things of your daily routine.

Cooking Dinner Remotely

Sometime cooking becomes very annoying task and if you want to get rid of this then home automation device is the best suited for you. Wifi slow cooker with the help of WeMo app will help you in cooking dinner wirelessly. It will help in warming the food and many more things that you wished for.

Monitor your pet from Workplace

People usually adopt pet in their homes but they don’t have time to care them. Generally because of the busy schedule people have to leave their pets alone in the home for long hours without any external assistance. Either they have to hire any care taker for their pet or leave it alone in the home. So for this reasons this home automation device comes into work where you can easily check into your pet from your workplace. Various devices keep your pet safe and ensure their happiness while you are away from your home. The wireless camera and two way audio devices will help in monitoring the activities of your pet from your office only. Motion sensors will also determine the daily activities of your pet.

Final Verdict

Home automation devices are largely adopted in various countries nowadays because of the convenience and comfort they provide. It makes your home the beautiful place to live in where everything is done smartly. All these tricks and devices of home automation are of great help for the people who are planning to install home automation devices in their homes.

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