7 Apps that will Increase your Workplace Productivity

Imagine; you are chilling out with your family in, maybe – New Jersey. The weather is soothing and it’s a beautiful looking city…

Suddenly you get a call from your boss to write an urgent email to your client. So, what will you do, either you’ll open your laptop and work for the entire day or just use your smartphone? Think about it!

There are few applications that you can download on your smartphone and complete your work. Whatever it maybe, be it – signing a document, writing an email, read a whole document or write an entire file. Everything can be done on your smartphone. So, let’s see how these applications work.

  1. Snowball

It is the easiest way to reply to your SMS, tweets, messages, facebook likes etc. as early as possible. Snowball is a beautiful notification center for Android. User can open their important documents or messages without opening extra applications. That is the best thing an app can do for me. So, it says less apps, more action .

Available for: only Android

7 apps that will increase your workplace productivity

  1. UberConference

Though, UberConference dedicatedly work only for conference calls, it is the best application of its kind. It arranges conference calls especially for official purposes. Now, you don’t need to start your conference call with that awkward set up. Just arrange the conference timing and contact list in UberConference and enjoy the call with free mind. I guess this app will really work for the employees who have amazing boss sitting at home and waiting for their conference call. Seriously, are you one of them?

Available for: iOS and Android

7 apps that will increase your workplace productivity

  1. HelloSign

HelloSign is a simple and elegant application. So, it mainly allows you to manage your documents that are required to be signed urgently. Users can click photo of the document, send a PDF file to their email id or Google drive. HelloSign will allow you to sign your documents right away. Then, of course you can share the signed documents with others. This is how; HelloSign makes your life easy!

Available for: iOS and Android

7 apps that will increase your workplace productivity

  1. SwiftKey

SwiftKey is a unique keyboard that actually grasps your way of typing. It lets you type freely. Users can also send stickers, GIFs to their friends and family. The special thing about SwiftKey is its swipe typing. Users can swipe over the keyboard and type words without raising their finger. The best thing is it’s beautiful keyboard. I love working on it, just gives me an amazing feeling!

Available for: iOS and Android

7 apps that will increase your workplace productivity

  1. Humin

Humin allows its users to remember each person they meet just in few steps. So, when you meet someone just write anything you remember about   the person for instance – works at CCD or met near NYU . Humin will help you to remember and collect details about the person automatically. This will help you to save your time. I guess you should try this!

Available for: iOS

7 apps that will increase your workplace productivity

  1. Sweet Journey

Sweet Journey is an application that lets you save photos, videos and snaps. It is like your personal diary where you can write your whole day notes.   Users can also edit and give captions to their photos and videos.

Available for: iOS and Android

7 apps that will increase your workplace productivity

  1. Orangescrum

Orangescrum is a cloud based project management and collaboration software. It has some amazing features like drive and dropbox integration, conversation thread, ticketing system, Daily email catch up and Kanban view. It is a perfect application for a workaholic. Therefore, if you love your work, you should surely try it!

Available for: Android and iOS

7 apps that will increase your workplace productivity

Bonus app: Facetime

Facetime video calling app is a good way to interact with other team members real-time. You can also connect with your virtual team; hence boundaries don’t play significance. Facetime for PC can be downloaded with the help of Bluestacks, so even if you have a WINDOWS computer, you don’t have to worry about it.

These were some applications that can make your work easy and productive. For any queries and suggestions, please feel free to tell me by writing your comments below. Thank you!

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