7 Reasons Why CoSchedule is a Powerful Tool for Bloggers

Are you a blogger?

Have you ever tried a content marketing calendar for promoting your blog, website or a business? Still confused? Don’t be as there is one tool that fits the bill perfectly.

If you’re an avid blogger or aspiring to be the one, I would like to recommend Coschedule to you as it is one of the most powerful content marketing calendars that has the in-depth potential to make your work life much more seamless.

 7 Reasons Why CoSchedule is a Powerful Tool for Bloggers

Through this write-up, I am going to share how Coschedule can turn out to be a powerful tool for all the wannabe bloggers. But before moving further, allow me to explain what is Coschedule and how it works in general.

CoSchedule is an all in one Content Marketing Calendar for bloggers, freelancers, newbie entrepreneurs and even publishing companies. If you want to manage everything from one place, then this tool is apt for you.

From keeping you superbly organized to automatically scheduling your promotional blogs or campaigns, this tool simply saves your time and works wonders in many ways.

To get started, you can sign up via your account and get a 14-day free trial. I believe that you’ll love this tool because it’s easy to use, saves your precious time, and trust me; it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

So why are you still thinking? Explore this amazing tool now to make your life easier!  

7 reasons why CoSchedule is a powerful tool

Here are the top 7 reasons how bloggers can get the most out from a CoSchedule tool.

#1 A perfect editorial calendar

Via Coschedule, you can seamlessly manage your entire month’s editorial calendar in advance by giving access rights to the one who spearheads the team.

Take a look below to know how you or your team can use this tool much efficiently.

  • Create unique content ideas, a social campaign or a WordPress blog post.CoSchedule
  • Assign blog ideas to your team members individually.
  • Add colorful labels to stay more organized and easily differentiate between content types.
  • Attach Google Docs, Note Via Evernote, upload or drag any file from your computer and convert it directly into a WordPress post.
  • Categorize the blog post type.
  • Create a checklist or a checkpoint (template) for every blog post so that the team doesn’t skip any task by mistake. The team members can even click on checkpoints once they finish a specific task.
  • Add as many social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.
  • Schedule social media messages on various platforms.
  • Let’s you plan and change the release date of a particular blog post.


#2 Create impressive headlines

Do you know, a catchy headline can bring more traffic to your website?

If you want to attract more readers to your blog, it’s important to create compelling headlines to keep your readers hooked to your website.

CoSchedule lets you create engaging headlines via its powerful tool called Headline Analyzer. This tool helps in creating distinctive headlines that will help you attract the target audience.

The headlines that score below 70 are considered to be okay, so it’s best to use catchy + emotional words to create a unique headline so you can drive more traffic to your website.

#3 Drive traffic to your blog

Once your content is final for publishing, it’s time to schedule your social media updates by writing a personalized message along with the permalink of the blog post.

Via Coschedule, bloggers can schedule social media updates for all of their accounts from one place.

All they have to do is just select the various accounts and write customized messages that will be automatically updated on the publishing date, the next day, the week after and the month after.

You can also select a custom date for promoting your already published post, and CoSchedule will automatically disseminate the blog post on all social networking platforms as per the suitable time.

#4 Compatible with WordPress

CoSchedule is used as a plugin for WordPress, and it completely syncs with it. Bloggers can access CoSchedule calendar from their WordPress account directly and do the requisite changes such as, create, organize, assign, and schedule posts in a calendar.

#5 Analyze blog’s performance on social media

To find out which blog post received more likes or shares, CoSchedule gives you real-time analytics, and you can easily track how all your posts performed on the various social media platforms via a top content report.


#6 Easier integration

CoSchedule gets easily integrated with Text Editor, Google Docs, and Evernote. You can directly drag a file or upload from your PC, or you can attach Google Doc or a Note from Evernote on to Coschedule and convert it immediately into a WordPress post.

#7 Email notifications

CoSchedule gives you regular updates and reminders via your email. You can now track how much work is left on your blog posts or even get direct notifications on Email via a CoSchedule App.

It keeps you updated about due tasks, and you can accordingly work on the posts that need your immediate attention.


I feel there is no other better tool than CoSchedule that offers limitless benefits to the bloggers, freelancers and start-up companies. With a minimal monthly fee, you can stay up to date, focus on other side businesses and manage everything with a single app.

So why not to go for an app that lessens your burden and gives you the edge over your competitors? I believe that it’s never too late to explore the new methods to get your business going.
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