Who is Aksshit Wadhwa?

aksshit wadhwa

Hi I’m Aksshit Wadhwa, and a proficient Digital Marketer & Website Designer who manages several sites including Bloghaul.com to help newbies understand the concept of blogging and being an expert in the industry. Started with a motive for dominance in Google search, and to help marketers gain their online success and gain online exposure. Brought up in the City of Karnal, Haryana, India, who started his journey in 2012  as a blogger but his passion for coding led him to code for some well-known companies and brands to help them get top-notch ready to improve sales design and help them stand apart from others in its industry.

A part-time blogger, to turn into a full-time profession, Aksshit is determined to make a change with his Skills based on WordPress & Blogger coding to help you turn into a profitable business with stylish and sleek themes to make your brand, blog, and company stand apart from your competitors.

Life Story

I was born on November 25, 1998 in Haryana, India in a middle class family. I grew up in a small city of Karnal in Haryana. I come from a family where everyone is well settled but no one knows this child will start his own venture at a very small age.


aksshit wadhwa

Childhood was a very awesome time for me. I was a shy child and was spending most of my free time on my father’s desktop. Playing games and reading tech stuff online was my everyday schedule.

I remembered that clearly I was the only techie child in my society. When anyone’s PC stops working or not working properly, the only name that comes out is Akshit.

One day I started browsing Google and I found a very cool website where someone is selling online softwares so I thought of making a website to sell software but for that I have to learn a lot of things.

So every day after I came back from school, I used to start learning new things and spent maximum of my time on it. Finally after gaining some knowledge I created my first website. You guys can’t imagine the happiness on my face I was on cloud nine that time. ;)

On that website I uploaded Crack Softwares. Slowly time changes the interest move from building websites to building blogs and where I started to write about software and gaming tips.

I created that blog only for popularity purposes but I did not get any good response from the traffic side so I closed that blog.

Later I also made one Social Media network just for Fun UniqueCombinations.com. But I closed it in 10-15days after playing a lot with that Social Media Website.

While creation to failure of a blog I learned many things and this time I want to do something serious, a long vision thing.

One Day while surfing on the internet I found something very attention grabbing, one girl claiming she is earning $$$’s per month from a blog.

I searched that entire day just to know how to earn money online, how to monetize a blog and many more things.

Now I had a clear vision. I wanted to start a blog that will generate money. So I started one blog along with my friend and things started changing. We got amazing results and everything is going fine.

We got the Success that we were looking for but I was still not satisfied. I wanted to do something more big and want to try out many new things so I left that blog.

After giving that blog to my friend. I started my new blog aboutblogging.org. Where I write about how to start a blog and how to earn money online from blog.

I’ve worked hard on it and it was doing very great. But the domain extension was giving me issues. Some people suggested me to change the domain name and after thinking a lot I changed the domain name to bloghaul.com. I’ve migrated all content from old domain to new domain.

Everything is moving very smoothly and my 12th was also completed till that time.

Now I planned to go for higher studies but not from my hometown. I want to go ahead for it from a big city. Then I applied for BCA in Chandigarh University.

College Life

New city, New friends, everything was new for me. I started enjoying my life and slowly and steadily my focus from maintaining a blog started moving.

I was neither able to focus on blog nor in my class day by day things started going worse. I merely touch my blog but I developed my interest towards coding. I started making themes and learning more stuff online and able to generate a good amount of money.

During this phase I also created a big venture (AdsBeast) with my friend and we were making a lot of money. This time a lot of money means 6 Figure Business. We started generating as high as $3000-4000/day

That time life was amazing. Work hard at night and wake up at 1PM and see more than $1.5k made so far.

Proof – 6 Figure Company

But due to some problems this venture also failed. I was totally frustrated because neither my old blog was going fine nor my classes and now this.

I decided to take a break. I took migration from my college and enrolled myself in a College in my hometown.

But I read somewhere Startups fail but entrepreneurs not.


I started a new phase of life. I also started a new venture Awwthemes.com(now moved to Bloghaul.com.

Where I gave Premium and Free WordPress Themes and meanwhile I also experimented a lot of new things and started doing CPA Affiliate Marketing and I earned a lot of money from it.

Here’s some of the screenshot with some of my earning and while doing experiments :

aksshit wadhwa
While Experimenting CPA (In the Starting)
aksshit wadhwa

My college is also completed now and I’m fully focusing on growing my blog and helping everyone to grow. I’ve done a lot of experiments and learned a lot of things. So now I share everything on my blog. 

Recently I started my dream Digital Marketing Agency name as Digtize with a partner who is fully motivated and working hard to gain success.

What you can learn from me is Age is just a number and never stop learning even how many times you fail but never forget that shall also pass.

Don’t Stop when you are tired. STOP when you are DONE.

Now I’m fully focusing on Building a Brand. Soon will reveal of a lot of new things in the form of Case Study

I hope you like the story.

Now  I’m  proud to say – I’m a Digital Marketer & Web Designer

(to be continued…) Last Story Updated on  March 31, 2020.

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  1. Lakshya Dhillon says:

    Awesome story :0 …

  2. Ajay says:

    Great……………… as you get the success in your initial year of your profession career …..

  3. Arick says:

    It’s really a great story!!!!!
    Impressive heno!!!!

  4. How you learnt coding ?

  5. Austin Jose says:

    Just awesome….go on bro

  6. yogendra says:

    Great brother. Your story is interesting and inspirational for newbies. Keep it up.

  7. kittu says:

    wow broo what a awesome site i never seen thanks man

  8. Aysha Amor says:

    Hi Akshit!

    WOW! Impressive story man! Glad to know you are from INDIA!

    You know, i am a big fan of your blog!

    Best of luck!

  9. Candy Stack says:

    Seeing Indian in Blogging is really awesome . Hope Your Site Grow Big Like Shoutmeloud.

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