Adperiscope Review – Adult Advertising Campaigns by Spying on Your Competition

Hey readers!

Well If I’ll be more specific, then my greetings are for the marketers and the seekers who looking to make their first step in this field. 

So, today I come with a new product which will help you in analyzing your marketing efforts. 

If, I talk in more detailing, then if you were planing to do marketing of an age ristricted product or service then this review is specially for you. 

This product will help in Adult Advertising and the name is Adperiscope.


With a starting line from Adperiscope that is:

“Unlock the Secrets of Profitable Adult Advertising Campaigns by Spying on Your Competition”

With this wording that clearly state the use of this software. 

About AdPeriscope

The most of its meaning cleared from its name that is this software will tell you the horoscope of your ad campaigning. You can build an effective age restricted ad campaign with a huge audience platform base using AdPeriscope. This software will also allow you to deploy you own choice of landing page on your server.

How Can AdPeriscope Help You:

  • AdPeriscope provides you a vast demographic area to spread your campaign. They will provide you campaigning area in 50+ Countries covering every continent.
  • In ad marketing, the banners are important because they lead your campaigning from the front end so, your banner should be according to your keyword. That’s why here you will find exact banners using keywords.
  • Presently the ad networks are making their more impact in running a successful ad campaign. That’s why through Adperiscope give you access to all major adult ad networks (More Than Any Tool).
  • Today, if you were working through the online medium, then you will be never alone. There are uncountable of people will working along with you, so you must have to be one step ahead of your competitors. So, this thing is also solved in Adperiscope, here you can easily crush the competition with access to largest banner inventory.
  • As I above described that this software will run your age-restricted campaigns efficiently and this point will be validated by this thing that you can see your hidden campaigns being run On 150+ Mobile Carriers.
  • If you like a landing page of any other’s campaign then you can easily download that landing page & deploy it on your server.
  • Uncover The Most Profitable Sites To Run Your Campaigns.
  • Keep An Eye On Your Competition & Get Alerted.

Treasure in AdPeriscope

Now, I tell you those things which will empower your campaign and make your ad campaign successful.

A Virtual Goldmine For The Performance & Affiliate Marketers

AdPeriscope’s Spy Tool is Super Charging Their ROI.

  • 8 AdNetworks
  • 152 Mobile Carriers
  • 56 Countries

Inside the AdPeriscope:

Information abstraction, the main feature of AdPeriscope. 

AdPeriscope Lets You Find The Exact Data That You Want. 
No Other Tool Comes Even Close


Filter your data by ad-network, country, mobile carrier, device type, language, third-party trackers & banner dimension


Sort your data by duration, ad-strength, date-seen & alexa rank of the landing page


Search banners and ads by keywords. They scan all the banners for text so that it is completely searchable.


Use AdPeriscope’s advanced boolean query builder for even more precise searching capabilities


They look for ad campaigns on tens of thousands of publisher sites and accurately show which publishers are giving highest ROI to the advertisers


Get all the creatives that advertiser is currently using and has used in the past for a campaign. Find the successful creatives from the list.


All the landing pages for a given campaign are readily available along with full sized screenshots.


Ad-networks used, devices and mobile carriers targeted, publishers…everything at your fingertips

Features of AdPeriscope:


The best landing page ripping tool in the market. Download, Edit, Optimize and Upload any landing page within AdPeriscope. No need to download it on your PC


Keep an eye on your competition. Get notified instantly when your competitor launches a new ad.


Create your own vault of favorite ads and campaigns for later viewing or detailed analysis.


Easily isolate affiliate offers from hundreds of affiliate networks using AdPriscope’s powerful filter.


You can enjoy all these things that are above described in just 89.99$ per month.

  • All Major Adult Ad Networks
  • Data From 56 Countries
  • 3G/4G Data From 250+ Carriers
  • Landing Page Download & Deployment Tool
  • Online Chat Support


I had describe you all the things about, working, features, and pricing. So, now I will summarize this review. The weightage of its features and the services they are providing is much more than the price of this software.

Another thing which makes me super excited that this tool has strong audience base behind them with 8 Adnetworks, 156 mobile carriers and spread in 56 countries almost covering every continent.

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