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​As the internet has grown a lot of social platforms have become available for a lot of purposes. Be it facebook, instagram, Snapchat, tumblr, WordPress there are all kinds of platforms where one can interact, discover and share. However, all of these platforms do not have one thing, a platform where you can meet like minded people with ease. I am not saying you do not meet like minded people on these platforms, you surely do, but it by luck and not by a system.

Affimity Review

So is there a place where you can meet people with similar interests with ease? Well yes there is is a social blogging platform where you write blogs not for a website but for a platform, a platform which is dedicated to bloggers who are interested in meeting and knowing from people with similar choices and preferences. So, basically even if you just want to read, the website has made sections for every different category and thus you can read everything and anything in that category which has been contributed to the platform by a blogger interested in that particular category.  Now is it just for saying that it’s a social blogging platform or is it true? Well below is a whole article dedicated for the purpose of clarity for the readers.Affimity Review


This website just like other social networking sites offers you it’s application for your phone. The application can be used by both android users and iOS user. The app is completely free and user friendly.  

Why would I use this social blogging app or websites when I have other more popular options? The answer is simple. If you are passionate about some topic or you don’t want to waste your time, this one is for you. This one, in simple words is a website which is for people who are serious about something. Serious about a topic, an activity or a cause. has variety of topics from beauty, sports to education and literature. Not only you get to read about a lot of interesting things that interest you or catch your attention, you can also contribute.

Affimity Review


This website is one amazing platform for people who are interested in writing or have a passion for sharing knowledge, you can read, learn, share and even discuss. You get honest review and opinions about what people think of your point of view and thus it ultimately proves to be better than other social site because well, this one is for a purpose.

You will not want to be wasting your time on useless things which do not even interest you and does not even matter to you, go to any social networking site and you know it’s clogged up with  some people vacationing or simply doing something which you have no kind of interest in. This website is for those people who simply want to learn and understand and know more about a topic and not just waste your time around. Be it yoga, parenting, cooking or about books, this website has all the tabs and you can get every kind of blogs on them you want. was started by a group of friends who were passionate about their interests and wanted a way better way to share these interests online than the ones that were available. They wanted a social home dedicated to their passion, one single go to website where they can ask, give and receive advice in areas which matter to them. A place where there is no noise but just everything about the topic that interests them and makes them know something more about it. These people took and idea from the TV channels. They noticed that how TV channels have changed from people all purpose channels to just channels which are there for a specific purpose. And thus, was born.

As you can see Affimity is an amalgamation of two words, Affinity and Amity. Affinity means passions and amity means friendship. Thus affimity is a social network which is created by a group of friends to increase their passion into the fields they are already interested in.  This website has content which is curated by people who are not only passionately interested into the topics but who are also interested in knowing more about them and are willing to discuss them.

Supposedly you are interested in finance. You only need to join the channels related to finance. Thus, there would be no waste of your time and energy in reading anything else which you are not interested in. Do I need to say anything else about this website? It’s a total life saviour  platform. It is a platform which gives you immense to read and discuss about the topic you are interested in and also saves your time by not bringing up things you are not interested in.

How to get to this platform? Very simple.

You can sign up in two minutes or even less. All you have to put in is your name, email is and a password and there you go, you have your account ready. Want something even less hackle free, connect with your Facebook account.
Who should use it? Anyone who does not want to waste their time searching for a topic they are interested in unnecessarily. It’s for those who are passionate about a topic and want to know and share about it.

Also, bloggers who are looking for genuine and organic readers, this website is like a gem for you. How do you use it? Simple join the website and then the channel about the topic you are interested in. You not only read about the topic, you get to know stuff which helps you know better and write better and you can also post the link of your blogs up with the channel and ask people for genuine reviews and opinions.

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So, stop wasting your time around on websites which provide no value and join immediately. Share, learn and grow!  

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