Android operating system now captures more than 80% of the smartphone market today. With the new features that get added to the operating system with every update, android users cannot be more excited when it’s time for a new android version to launch. Well Android 7.1 Nougat  was announced lately and here we have something for you.

Not a lot of people know this, but every software is not directly launched and there first comes a developer preview which is tested and reviewed by not only developers but also by normal users who are willing to use this preview version and give their valuable reviews and feedback to the company. The developer preview also helps the company in removing bugs beforehand so that the customers on large do not have to face issues later on. Before downloading this developer preview, be sure you know that this preview version might have bugs which might cause decrease in your phone’s performance and many other issues.This update is also reversible so if you want, you may try it.

Android 7.1 Nougat

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So here is a good news for the developers and other android enthusiasts, Android newest version, Android 7.1 Nougat developer preview is now available for developer preview. Since this is the same version which has been issued on Google Pixel and Pixel XL, so you can expect a pretty stable version for this release. Although some of the users might experience system instability and more than expected battery drain when the battery is low. There might also be some issues while playing videos in multiple windows and in changing the volume. Remember since it is a developer preview, there can be other issues as well which even the company is not aware of now. Below mentioned are the new features that this update brings along with itself.

App Shortcuts

The very first and obvious feature of this Android nougat 7.1 version update is the application shortcuts. For now, it is only those apps by Google but after some time the developers will also use this feature in developing their apps. These app shortcuts will be accessible from both the launcher and app drawer, these shortcuts can be dragged out as personal home screen icons for a much quicker access. However, the sad part is that these cannot be shortcuts cannot be arranged in your own choice of order.

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Also, unlike the 3D feature that comes with iPhone 6s and later variants , a generic long press to use these shortcuts mean that there is no way to move an icon without first initiating the feature of shortcut.  A bad news for the Nexus 5X users is that even with the Pixel launcher side loaded does not feature circular icons.

Reworked Quick Toggles

nougat android 7.1

This new added feature is the most useable feature for daily life to life usage in android nougat. This feature is the reworked Quick Settings that add another toggle to the row. This feature will now let you add a settings shortcut and next to this is a button that slides down the full panel. Before this update, the settings icon was only accessible after another swipe.

Restart option in Power menu

Earlier, when you wanted to restart your phone, there was no option other than shutting the phone down. However, Android 7.1 Nougat has added the feature of restart button in the power menu. Thus, now you will be able to easily restart your phone and not shut it down and then switch it on.well this feature was available in many android devices by other OEMs we don’t know why google took time to add this feature but still better late than never.

Settings menu with a support tab


This helpful feature is truly unique in  Android 7.1 Nougat. The settings menu now has a support tab which will now let you explore tips and tricks or you can also search for help about any issue that you might be facing with your phone.Well this feature is mainly for nexus devices but if other manufacturers want they can put this feature in their devices too .

Clear Instructions

Earlier the sound and volume panel just had the icons for whatever purpose you wanted to make changes in the sound or volume. Now, this menu now features words above these icons i.e. these icons are clearly described as whatever sound or music they control.This is not a major change but new users would not get confused so good work.

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Now just make a gesture to get any app open you want. Just like on Pixel, settings now has a moves section that includes the double-twist gesture to switch in and out of selfie mode in Google Camera. Additionally, the Ambient Display setting is now listed here.And many other custom gestures can be used to trigger apps and different settings option .So it is a good feature and help in using different settings on the go without even going to settings menu.

Redesigned check for update screen

The update app is now redesigned for better look and feel  and the check update button had been removed by google, which users often and futilely smash to receive new updates. This new update now lists the  Android version and security patch level and tells if the software version is the updated one needs to be updated.

New gender equal Emoji with dedicated key

nougat android 7.1

Android now features 100 new emoji’s that will improve gender inequality. These are total new 100 emoji’s, with 11 new professionals available in both genders and various kin tones, along with having both male and female versions of now 33 existing emoji.

Google keyboard GIF search in messenger

nougat android 7.1

One of the most exciting features in Android 7.1 nougat is the addition of Gboard-like features to stock keyboard. Not like the iOS, image keyboards are enabled on an app-by-app basis and need developers to tell the keyboard that GIF entry is supported.

To access these GIF, you need to first press the new emoji button and then GIF’ to the right of the space bar. There is also available an often used section on the left side and a carousel of other terms populated with popular GIFs. There is also a search bar at the top which allows users to look for GIFs with an auto suggestions mode enabled. At this very moment, this google messenger is the only app which will support the GIF keyboard.

New Dialer Appearance

This new Android 7.1 Nougat version has come up with another new feature as well. This new feature brings a redesigned dialer app . The new app looks a lot smoother and has a different colour accents on depending on what color you like.

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