Anstrex Review : Is it Best Native Ads Spying Tool?

Hey readers and today, I’ll also address the professional readers. Here, by professional readers, I have targeted the affiliate marketers and native advertisers. Because here you will witness the review of an Ad spy tool and the name of that tool is Anstrex. So, let’s get started with the Anstrex Review.

Anstrex Review

If you were a marketer or advertisers, you need to well aware of your pitching areas, means you need to be aware of your audience, competition and be little sure about its results, not the right results but an idea. At present, there are many spy and tool are available but they didn’t give much guarantee whether they work or not. And they didn’t have much influence in their working.

And you could not ignore these spy tools in the present where there is a lot of competition in the online marketing field and you must aware of your audience otherwise it only depends on your luck.

Another thing which makes strong this thing that use of spy ad tool is important is that if we create native ads, then we have to in the front of all others and for this, we will be well aware of our competition.

But with the user-friendly features, Anstrex marks their position as a best native ad spy in the market.

Short Review:

  • Create campaign strategies according to your audience and competition.
  • Track your campaign over 200 networks.
  • Create your own landing page.
  • Alexa and similar web integrated into it for the traffic overview.
  • Two days risk-free trial is available.
  • Ads knowledge of 31 countries.
  • Plan start’s from $39.99 per month.

Now, I hope you must get aware of anstex by this short review, now without wasting much time let’s get started with detail Anstrex Review.

What is Anstrex?

In simple terms, it is a native ad spy tool, it helps you to find your competition, your campaign’s efficiency and what actually your audience is. Use anstrex to reveal the secrets of online marketing. By knowing these online marketing’s secrets then create your own ad campaign and benefits like Get More For Your Advertising Spend, Save Countless Hours On Research, Access More Native Ad Networks Than Any Other Spy Tool.

Effective Stats of Anstrex:

  • Anstrex has 27 ads networks and this network hub has leading networks like Google, Adblade, Outbrain, Yahoo Gemini, etc.
  • Over 15,919,476 Ads at present.
  • 113,086 Advertisers and counting.
  • Influence over 31 Countries.

So, now I must sure that you will get at least a little influenced by Anstrex.

What Anstrex Offers you:

  • The latest trend in the market:

Today, the world is on trend, if you get that rend flow of the market, then you will get something. Because most of the audience follows the trend.

So, before your campaign launch, what you need is the data of what’s working in the market at present. And this tool lets you spying the best in the business.

You can get much knowledge of the marketing trend and with your intelligence, you can adopt that trend in your campaign. You will get aware of new powerful niche.

With this tool, you can analyze your competitors’ native ads so that you can know what’s working for them and can then devise such native ads that rocket your ROI.

  • Analyze your competition:

After knowing the trend of the market and the competition, the next important thing is knowing your competition, means what they are doing in the market to get results out of the box.

Here in Anstrex, you will get so many filters to which gives you huge knowledge of your competition’s working.

By using these filters, find there targeting locations and areas and again use your own experience and intelligence to adopt these stats.

  • Drive more traffic:

One thing I have described in the short review that is it has integrated Alexa and similar web. These both tools are fused to drive the extra traffic which helps to grow your campaign.

These both tool will let you know about from where and on what your competition is getting the clicks. So, note down these things and use in your campaign.

So, the job of traffic overview is also done in Anstrex.

  • Speed up your time to market:

It has an advanced search option with the help of which you can get the unbeatable research of a month at your fingertips.

Here in Anstrex, you will find a thing without putting extra efforts, just go to the right option and you will get your result.

  • Find Better Offers:

In Anstrex they have there owned Affiliate Offer Wall, which is used to see which affiliate offers the masters are selecting and running their campaigns from ads through landing pages.

They will find the best offers for you and you can start a campaign on that offer. They said it revolutionary Affiliate Offer Wall and I think this is really revolutionary.

Here you will see the already running campaigns.

  • Don’t Go Alone:

Don’t find yourself alone be in touch with Anstrex community, so you will be getting updated what others are getting it done.

  • Get Killer Images:

Find the best images for you with an effective image searcher and find which images convert the best with our full-text image search.

  • Keep Up on Competition:

Create alerts of your new ad launch with Anstrex.

These all are the effective features of Anstrex which make this tool the best in the native ad market. With all these features it has a user-friendly interface and there is no complexity in its use.

Type of Audience which uses the Anstrex:


First one in our list is the BRAND ADVERTISERS, these are those people who want to make their simple product a big brand by using native ads.


Anstrex helps the content creators to build the perfect ad arbitrage and get unlimited ideas for new content.


With the use of native advertisement, affiliate marketers generating massive traffic and sales. Anstrex will teach you their secrets.

So, if you were in all of these, then Anstrex is the right solution for all your native ads problems.


There are total three plans were available and all these plans were per months plan.

Anstrex Pricing


  • 2 Ad Networks
  • 1 Country
  • Private Forum Access
  • Online Support


  • 2 Ad Networks
  • 1 Country
  • Private Forum Access
  • Online Support


  • All 20 Ads Networks
  • All 15 countries
  • Private Forum Access
  • Online Support
  • Unlimited Alerts
  • Affiliate Network Filter
  • Affiliate Offer Wall
  • All Country Support
  • Adv. Boolean Searching

2-day No Obligation Trial Period is available in all three plans.


So, that’s all from our side on Anstrex review, hope you will get proper idea and information about this native ads spy tool. If you have queries then tell us your queries in the comment section and also share your feedback.

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