Ants Inside Laptop? Here’s how to fix it

Ants inside laptop sometimes may be a serious problem or sometimes maybe just irritating. But anyhow you have to get rid of it. The reason that your laptop is infected by ants may be that you may have spilled any juice on your laptop or any food item or they just might have moved into their new apartment.

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So here’s a simple bait free solution which you might find it funny at first, but yeah it truly works.

See, ants don’t break wires but they can be harmful if they get inside into the main circuits of your laptop. The gap between conductors is very small and if an ant gets stuck or might die across two conductors the misconnection could cause the laptop to malfunction.

One of the biggest reason behind ants inside a laptop is that they always looking for cavity space to nest in — unlike most ants, they don’t excavate their own holes and tunnels, beyond the minimal expansion.

They are very small in size, less than an eighth of an inch in length, allows them to go inside mobile phones, PC’s, and appliances, which all are home to protected cavities and are “just great” for these ants.

Just follow the steps and the ants will be gone by morning.

Before heading towards attacking the ants you need some equipment.

  • A tray which can hold water (not much deep).
  • A bowl or anything stable that can stay on the water-filled tray.
  • A wooden stick or a wooden spoon long enough to learn from laptop to any other surface.
  • And last but not least, the ant-infested laptop.

(Note: this is for some serious ant issues, not only for one or two. If you have a handful of ants i.e. 4-5 then just brush them off )

Remove Ants Inside Laptop Steps

This has been a common problem that we are all too ashamed to voice out, at least until we finally came across a brilliant and simple hack to remove ants from your laptop! So, here are the steps.

  • Place the tray on the ant table and fill it with some amount of water. Just a few millimeters or 1 centimeter.
  • Place the bowl or any stand on the tray. Make sure it is good and firm.
  • Now place your Laptop over the bowl/ stand carefully. Be sure that the laptop only touches the bowl and nothing else and the laptop is off and unplugged from the power source.
  • Lean the wooden stick so that it touches the laptop and the table/surface on which the tray is sitting on.
  • Leave the setup as it is overnight and do not disturb it or move it.

How it works

Ants have very strong survival instincts. If they detect any chemical footprints i.e. other ants then they will look for another alternative. After they find the wooden stick they will follow it and walk out.

Yeah, it’s a bit unbelievable, but it seriously works.

Other alternatives

  • Very first thing you can do is clean the laptop with a dry or a slightly moist cloth.
  • Try to keep your laptop open and inverted for a night. Due to this, the ants may fall off the keys and etc.
  • Overuse the laptop when the battery is low, this will eventually heat it up and the ants will move out.
  • Find the sauce of ants and clean it and clean all the ports of your laptop.
  • Kip your laptop clean and do regular cleaning of your system.
  • Keep clean. Dirty habits invite ants. Cleanliness at working place is important. While working, never think of anything else.

If none of the solutions worked, then Kill them one by one by just crushing them with something and do not throw, let the dead ants be there. Eventually, you would see the number of ants is now coming less. Surely it’s time-consuming but when there were ants – a heap of them – inside my laptop, I did the same. And, it works.

If this too doesn’t help you, take your ant infested laptop to your nearest service center. You will get a better solution to fix such ants in laptop issue.

Ants Inside Laptop? Here's how to fix it
ants inside laptop

Ants inside laptop sometimes may be a serious problem or sometimes maybe just irritating. But anyhow you have to get rid of it. The reason that your laptop

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  1. J.Smith says:

    Hello Akshit!
    Enjoyed your post on how to prevent ants inside a laptop. I recently was discussing this with a friend and we looked into a one day old laptop that had never had a spill. In the future, we may see more of an issue with ants and computers. As it turns out, Lenovo and a few other manufacturers are using Dupont Zytel HTN Polyamides with their thermoplastics. Dupont thermoplastic polymers are made with an intermediate called Susterra which is based off of a renewable resource called propanediol. Propanediol is a corn based sugar. Other variants of the DuPont Zytel family are sourced from sebacic acid derived from castor oil.

    Basically: Some computer manufacturers are using sugar or food products to house their laptops. This will reduce carbon footprints of waste, but will also lead to ants infesting items.

    I hope this helps.

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