Apple Anounces iPhone Se world’s cheapest iPhone

apple fans have a good news well a sort of as apple have finally announced the iPhone Se which is one of the cheapest iPhone that anyone can buy as it could be a great hit mainly due three reasons which includes the design , the internals and the price.

iPhone Se

3 Reasons for Apple iPhone Se:-

well for the design the iPhone Se looks exactly as same as the iPhone 5 or 5s  but with a little new inclusion of a rose gold variant so the design that the fans liked the most is back with a new color variant .

on the internal side the iPhone se supports apples latest chipset the apple A9 and the motion coprocessor  M9 which is good also we have the upgraded camera of 12 mega pixels similar to that of the iPhone 6s but no 3D  touch display for a down side but 3D  touch is still a gimmicky feature as most of the apps does not support still.and also the fingerprint sensor.

the last part is the price apple had always been aggressive while charging for an iPhone most of the profits come from the iPhone as due to the very high price you have to pay for it. But this time apple has consent for you well a little i must day the iPhone se is the cheapest iPhone you can buy it just cost 450$ for 16 GB model and 500$ for 64 GB well this somehow cheap for apple standards but still some features are still missing like the front facing flash and the 3D touch.

Apple had also launched a smaller sized variant of iPad Pro  with 9.7 inch of size and starts from price of 600$ and slashed the price of iPad Pro with 100$ and lowered the prices of apple watch starting at 300$ before 350$ .

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