Apple Macbook Pro 2016 Specification,New features and price

Every product that Apple launches is quite hyped and awaited. Mostly because the products launched by the company always comes out with a new unique feature and majorly because the company has managed to gather a huge fan following for the brand, and every product is perceived as unique in the eyes of the buyers. Undoubtedly, Apple is different from its peers. The company over the time has given everyone a new operating system to look up to, new mobiles which are not only enchanting to look at but also which are extremely smooth to use and ones which rarely disappoints its user.


Speaking about the laptops that Apple has come up with, Macbooks has clearly changed the way laptops are looked at. The competition game for laptops has completely different and a macbook runs a clearly different race. From macbook pro to macbook air and every update that has come up with for the models, every single model has managed to make up a separate place for itself. This time the brand has come up with a new Macbook Pro and it’s even better. One the week of the apple notebook’s 25th year anniversary, the company has made a quite some changes with the updated model. Just like the other models, this model comes in two dimensions as well 13 inch and 15 inch. Here is the complete list of all the new features and specifications that the new Macbook Pro has:

Apple Macbook Pro Touch Bar


The major update in the new macbook pro is the addition of a touch bar. This touch bar replaces the old function keys (the F1 series keys). This new touch bar is an OLED touch display which is independent from the main display. This touch bar is pretty smart and shows the menus depending on what the user is doing and is pretty cool to use. This new feature was leaked out a several days before the major event announcing the launch of this version. This was confirmed when the company accidently posted pictures showing the touch bar in a promotional advertisement for Apple Pay.

The touch bar also comes handy when one is going through the photo gallery and allows the users to scroll the images through the OLED touch panel. This touch bar also works in Safari and shows links to the users’ favourite websites, search and back buttons, and can also show quick type suggestions when the user is typing. This feature is similar to what users are provided with on iPhones.


This touch bar also comes with the most rumoured, or may be awaited, touch ID. The touch bar has a finger print scanner in the power button in order to integrate Touch ID using a new chip which the manufacturer is calling the Apple T1 chip.

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The most user friendly art about the touch bar is that it can still allow the function keys to appear if the user wants. All the user has to hold the function key on the keyboard. However the best part of this touch bar is that it changes from app to app and is customizable. There is a palette of available buttons that users can click and drag into their Touch Bar.


The touch ID can record multiple finger prints and thus the machine can be accessed by multiple users.

Apple Macbook Pro Comparison to the previous generations

This new Macbook Pro was a challenge to the engineers at Apple, to make a notebook which is thinner than Macbook Air. Well, they did manage to overcome this difficulty. This new generation of MacBook Pro is thinner and lighter than all the previous generations. This one is 17% thinner than the last Macbook Pro and has a weight of only 3lbs which is almost half a pound lesser than the previous version. The Apple event twitter portal has even tweeted that the screen of this version is the best screen that the manufacturer has ever made.

Apple Macbook Pro Specifications

  • As mentioned already the new version comes in two sizes, 13 inch (0.59 * 11.97 * 8.36 ) and 15 inch (0.61 * 13.75 * 9.48 ).
  • The 13 inch version weights 3.02 lbs and the 15 inch weighs 4.02 lbs.
  • The various storage versions go up to 2TB SSD.
  • The resolution of the screen in 2560*600 native resolution. The new Macbook Pro is 67% brighter and has 67% higher contrast and also 25% more colours.
  • The chipset for this model is the 6th Gen quad-core Intel i5 or i7, depending on version the user wants to buy. The buyer also gets two options for the RAM, 8 GB or 16 GB. The graphic options are Intel Iris graphics or AMD Polaris Radeon Pro.
  • The battery life of this all new notebook is up to 10 hours, again depending on your usage.
  • The device has 3 ports, four thunderbolt. These ports can be used for any purpose amongst charging, Thunderbolt, USB, Display port, VGA or lastly HDMI.
  • The new version also has advanced thermal architecture and all-new speaker design.
  • The model is available in 2 colours, silver and space grey. The cost of these models starts at $1,799 for the 13 inch version and $2,399 for the 15 inch version.

Apple Macbook – The surprise launchapple-macbook-pro-2016-range

The company surprised everyone with one other Macbook Pro during the event. The major difference between the two newly launched models is that this one does not comes with a touchbar. Also the major difference in the specifications is that this version has two thunderbolt three ports instead of 4 with the same uses. Also, this cost for this one starts at $1,499.

All of these models are available for order now, however the shipping depends on the kind of model you have ordered for.

Final Verdict


This model has however received mixed reviews, according to one study, the people who wanted to buy haven’t changed their decision to buy the model, however some of the people who were not sure about buying this new model, have changed their decision from not sure to not buying because of maby new drawbacks to tell some of the lacks the removal of the most liked esc button due to the space taken by the touch bar with a big note a esc button accessory is availabe to get back the esc button but for it to be by apple a high price would be charged.


other con is that there are only a Usb type-c port no usb 3.0 or even 2.0 port also not a lightening adapter.For tech savvy geeks the macbook pro would not be a great chaice because even the intel processors are of old generation even the graphics card is outdated also so apple perspective is going a different for casual enthusiastics i think not for a hardcore users.

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