Apple Music vs Google Play Music

Google recently announced its newly launched free music streaming service named Google Play Music. And among the list of its rivals the rank one place is held by Apple Music. The search engine giant is introducing a free version of Google Play Music that allows users to listen to custom made radio stations based on time of day, mood, artist or other factors. For the last two years, Google Play cost $9.99 per month and this is the first time that Google is offering a free streaming service.

Apple Music vs Google Play Music

Apple Music won’t have an ad-supported free tier. Instead, it will have its own radio components that will also be available to users that aren’t inclined to pay. The Major difference between them in this sector is the availability of 24-hours global radio station which is available in Apple Music but not available in Google play music. Other than this mostly both are at par when it comes to rivalry. Both have a song directory of over 30 million songs. The Bitrate of Apple Music being 256 Kbps (AAC) is slightly low as compared to Google Play music where it is 320 Kbps. And one last feature where Google has an upper hand on Apple is the YouTube music key which is absent in Apple Music.

But that’s the end of the list of advantages of Google over Apple. Apple Music is also offering a $9.99-a-month streaming subscription plan that includes a free Internet radio station but after a free 90 day trial, because Google is providing only a 30 days free trial. After the Taylor Swift inspired brouhaha about artists not getting paid during Apple Music’s three-month free trial period, the company finally relented earlier this week. Moving send the service will pay 71.5%of its $9.99 monthly subscription revenue, according to Robert Kondrk, the Vice President of iTunes Content. Google has an undisclosed payout deal already in place, but claims it’ll compensate artists at a comparable rate to Apple.

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Both Google Play Music and Apple Music are available worldwide, and you can get them on Android, IOS on Macs and PCs and via a web-based interface too. Both services also have offline modes so you can download tracks for listening when you’re in a no-internet zone. Other than these both offer Music videos. Apple has its voice assistance integration on Siri(OS) ans Google on Google Now(Android). There are even more sectors where Apple Music is better than Google Play Music which includes Artists Social Networking. In an interesting move, Apple has made it possible for one account subscription to cover an entire family with only $14.99 that covers up to six people. Apple promises its recommendations will be better than rivals’ algorithm-based recommendations. And comparing all the strategies of Apple as compared to Google it can be predicted that Apple Music is going to take away the cake.

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