Asus Zenfone 2 Full Review : A Game Changer

Asus Gained a lot of success from its first generation Zenfone Series (Zenfone 4,5,6) and now Asus came back with its next flagship device for 2015 which was Announced in the CES15 but started its global roll out in the last weeks of  Q2 . The Asus zenfone 2 Gained a lot of attention and also many people are waiting for this device because of the specs that can compete with some of the flagship device at a price starting at just 200$ and that too off contract and after adding value of taxes and subsidies which attracted us to review this device and heres it is .

Asus Zenfone 2 Design

Asus Zenfone 2 Full Review : A Game Changer

Asus Zenfone 2 Full Review : A Game Changer

Asus Zenfone 2 Full Review : A Game Changer

Asus Zenfone 2 Full Review : A Game Changer

Asus Zenfone 2 Full Review : A Game Changer

Asus Zenfone 2 Full Review : A Game Changer
Asus Zenfone 2 Full Review : A Game Changer

In terms of design Asus had kept much of the design language as introduced in the previous zenfone series but with replacement of some of the elements like the moving the volume button at the back just like in the LG G series of devices and power button at the top in order to achieve 3.9 mm thin edges . The left and right sides are clean . At the button you can see the usual micro USB point placement and at the top the power button with the 3.5 mm headphone jack.The device weigh around 172 gm which is a lit bit heavy to say. The issue we got was the placement of the power button at the top which was not easy to reach with one hand and also the power button did not give a good feedback it needed to pressed hard to switch the device on . The volume button at the back was a concept taken from LG devices and the placement of the button is good as well as the feedback it give was good the buttons were easy to press . The bezels around the display had been reduced but not that much but for now the device had achieved a 72% screen to body ration. At the front you will see the ear piece at top with the front cam and the sensors , at the bottom you can see the capacitive buttons but they are not back light  and just below that the Asus brushed metal plate which is their signature element. At the back you can see the camera with Dual tone Led flash at the top and the sonic master speaker grill at the bottom with the Asus and Intel Atom Inside branding .

Asus Zenfone 2  Display


In the display department Asus had done a great job . The Asus Zenfone 2 comes with a 5.5 inch phablet sized diaplay with 1080 X 1920 of resolution providing 403 ppi of density which is Quit good also with the Asus Own Tru-Vivid technology the display is quite gorgeous , the only issue we got with the display is that it can not be used with one hand as the bezels are not that thin and also the lover and upper increase in size also made it impossible to reach all the edges of the display but rest we are very much satisfied from the display quality . The device visible in the sunlight conditions and also many customizable modes like reading mode were also available and with the help of the splendid application provided by Asus you can change the displays saturation, color temperature that suits you the best.The display is also protected by gorilla glass 3 so no easy breaks of screen also Asus had done its own coating preventing finger smudges as well as better touch response about 60 ms .

Asus Zenfone 2  Processing Package

Asus is one of the main customers for intel as intel chipsets are being used in many of the laptops by Asus and Asus again chooses intel for its mobile device . The Asus Zenfone 2 comes with the New Intel Z3580 64-Bit Quad core processor and the benchmarking also reached 40,000 margin with other devices like OnePlus One and MI 4 which is quite good for the price point you are getting this device.The most attractive thing about this device is that it comes with upto 4Gb of ram and is first device with up to 4GB ram too . The difference with 4 GB can be seen with the below video.

And We must Say that The 4 GB ram had made much difference in terms of multitasking but if you are on tight budget and do not do much multitasking then the 2 GB variant will also be enough . Their was no lag noticed while using the device and it also provided smooth performance all the time . For the gaming side the Asus Zenfone 2 comes with a Pover VR G6430 the same GPU found in the iphone 5S and we must say that the gaming was as good as we found with the multitasking their were not any lag while playing game even at high graphics setting .

Asus Zenfone 2  Hardware

In the Hardware department we first start with the internal storage the Asus Zenfone 2 comes in 16/32/64 GB internal storage variants and also with support of microSD card upto 64 GB. In the battery department we have got a 3000 Mah capacity of battery and the device also support the new boost master technology which can charge device upto 60% in just 39 minutes which is good as battery life was not that much great as you would need to charge at the end of the day . The previous Zenfone 5 had an heating issue which now Asus had resolved it so no heating while charging . The only thing that was a disadvantage was the rear speaker as it was of decent quality but no that great as due to the low sound but still the audio heard by it was clear but cannot be used in noisy environments. In the connectivity department the device supports dual sim and first sim supporting 4G network. The device also supports NFC as well as Wifi-direct and with other Asus options like screen mirroring and DNS .

Asus Zenfone 2


Asus Zenfone 2  Camera

Asus Zenfone 2 Full Review : A Game Changer

In the camera department Asus had really improved a lot from previous Zenfone devices. The Asus Zenfone 2 comes wih a 13 MP rear ccamera with Asus own Pixelmaster 2.0 technology and it was very improved . In the good lighting conditions the images came out to be Quite good but some oversaturation of colors and sometimes problem with exposure but overall in direc sunlight the imags Quite good it is to be said but as the lighting conditions goes low the images tends to get noisy and lacks details HDR did helped in these situations and the other solution is the Asus own Low Light Mode capable of taking images upto 400% bright with reduced noise and good details.Asus Zenfone 2 Full Review : A Game ChangerThe camera modes also got updated this time the Camera comes with a manual mode which help you to control plenty of camera options like shutter speed, ISO, white balance which can help in taking images like a pro also a super resolution mode is also introduced halping in taking 52 MP of images . In the camera department this time their is a 5 MP front camera which can take Quite good shots and this time the front also supports low light modes as well as many other like the live beautification and the selfie panorama mode.

you can see camera samples Here

Asus Zenfone 2  Software

ASUS-Zenfone-2-Screenshots-7Asus Zenfone 2 Full Review : A Game ChangerAsus Zenfone 2 Full Review : A Game ChangerAsus Zenfone 2 Full Review : A Game ChangerIn the software department the AsusZenfone 2 comes with Android 5.0 Lollipop with Asus Zen UI on top of it . The UI is Quite similar to the previous one and difference in the kitkat and lollipop can be found through the notification dropdown  and the multitasking menu rest of the elements are pretty similar but with little material design added . In terms of customization Asus had provided plenty of options for customization like Asus new theme engine , use of third party icon packs, scrolling animations and many more. The good thing is that Asus had helped to get over some of the issues while handling the device like the user can use the double tap to wake the device and one handed mode can also be triggered through double taping the home button which shortens the screen to 4 and above at your ease . Many new features like snapview and the easy mode are also very usable . Overall the software transitions were clean and had a proof of the material design .The bad thing was only that their was a lot of bloatware apps that asus had given .

Asus Zenfone 2  Price and Avaialability

The Asus Zenfone 2 had been launched in china,taiwan,parts of europe and is coming to India on 23rd April the starting price is 200$ but please check the th model you are going the buy as there are 3-4 models of Asus Zenfone 2 available varieying from cloak speed to ram and camera also You can see full information about the Asus Zenfone 2 Models.The Asus Zenfone 2 is available in  black, gold, gray, red, and white color options and look pretty well too

Overall Asus had done a great job and we have to say that the phone is hell of a beast and price it is starting is Quite cheap too .The Asus Zenfone 2(4GB Ram) Comes in the price segment of the OnePlus One and the Xiaomi Mi4 which can give a good competition the these devices. The only issues is the button placement, sound quality and the battery issue which can be resoved through software updates.

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