Asus Zenfone 2 vs Xiaomi Mi4i The Budget Flagship Battle

Xiaomi steal the show by launching their first global flagship device on the day when Asus zenfone 2 was launched in India and now giving a tough competition to it as well in terms of raw spec sheets but the only question is that which is the best for you . Here we are going to compare most of the aspects of both the devices and would help at some point to buy the best one for you.

ASUS Zenfone 2 VS Xiaomi Mi4i : Design

the Asus Zenfone 2 comes with what Asus call the egronomic arc design which is a curve design providing thinness of 3.9 mm at the edges and thickness of around 10 mm at the middle but due to its curved back the device will be pretty easy to handle. The volume rocker is placed at the back just as in the LG series of devices and power button is placed at the top at the front their comes the large display and the brushed metal finish at the bottom chin as a key mark of the zenfone devices in terms of handling the device can be handled with a single hand but due to that oddly placed power button position the power on option is difficult and the volume buttons placements will also take some day to get used to it .

In the Xiaomi mi4i the design is pretty simple and feels good . The device is very light and had a thin profile too  in the keys placement the volume and power button is placed at the left with the tray of sim card. As for the  back is concerned the back had got a matt finish and the good thing is that you can remove stains of even sketch pens by using a eraser which help i long lasting of the color of the body . Concerning the body the device had got a unibody design . The front had got the  cpactive keys which are backlit .The

In my view the Xiaomi MI4I had got ann advantage in terms of weight which makes the device lighter than the zenfone 2 (130 gms of mi4i and 170 gms of Zenfone 2 ) but if you look the zenfone 2 had got thinner edges and curved back so it would provide better feel in the hands.

Asus Zenfone 2 Vs Xiaomi MI4i : Display

Here Xiaomi MI4i gets the advantage as the Xiaomi MI4i had got a full HD 5 inch display and with the 441 ppi density the images will be vivid and sharp . Also the integration of the sunlight display technology which was formaly used in sony phones to  provide better brightness levels under direct sunlight . Also the display supports 95% NTSC Gamut rate provide more distinction between the colors. The display is protected by corning concore glass which helps the display to be made with OGS technology for faster touch response and also provide the protection from scratches similar to Gorilla Glass .

In the Asus Zenfone the competiton can be either two ways as the 13,000 model the Asus Zenfone 2 Z550ML comes with same 5.5 inch display but with HD resolution which is not as sharp as found in the Xiaomi MI4I but the second way is that you can also opt for the Full HD varient priced at 15,000 Rs . In terms of the responsiveness the device comes with Asus Own Truvivid technology which helps it to get touch response of 60ms which is quite good also with this technology Asus had reduced the issue the reflection of sunlight .In terms of display protection the device comes with Gorilla glass 3 .

Asus Zenfone 2 VS Xiaomi Mi4i : Processing package

In terms of the Processing Package bith the devices uses different kind of processors but keeping the benchmarking scores in mind both the device can give similar performance to the users and on of the best for the price you are getting it.

In the Xiaomi Mi4i we get a snapdragon 615 processor which is a 64-bit octa core processor .The Antutu benchmark scores are nearly more than 40000 mark so you can get a pretty good performance with it. The good thing is that the Snapdragon 615 provided in Mi4i is a second generation of the Snapdragon 615 having better cloaking speed of 1.7 Ghz. The device come with Qualcomm own made Adreno 405 GPU and backed up by 2Gb of Ram for multitasking.

In the Asus Zenfone 2 we get a intel made processor the Z3560/Z3580 based on the model you are buying . The Z3560 chipset is a 64-bit quad core processor cloaked at 1.8 Ghz and backed up 2 Gb of ram and the graphics department is taken care with Pover VR G6430 GPU previously found in the iphone 5s.The Z3580 chpset varient comes with a cloaking speed og 2.3 Ghz and is backed up by humongous 4 Gb Ram and the GPU department is same with PowerVr G630 GPU. In the benchmarking scores the Asus zenfone 2 also get antutu scores of nearly 40000.

The thing you can see is that the Zenfone 2 had a Quad core processor and Tht Xiaomi Mi4i has an octa core processor but both the devicees have pretty similar benchmarking scores from where we can say that the Asus Quad core processor can provide much better performance in terms of single core but this also leads to downfall of battery life easily.

Asus Zenfone 2 VS Xiaomi MI4I : Camera

On the basis of the spec sheets bothe the devices came with same camera . In the case of Xiaomi MI4i there is the 13 MP rear snaper with F 2.0 aperature , 5 mp front snaper with F 1.8 aperatue and  having sony/samsung sensor for better low light camera experience .

In case with Zenfone 2 the rear camera is a 13 MP pixel master camera 2.0 with BSI sensor from toshiba and 5 MP pixel master camera also

In the camera department the Xiaomi Mi4i can produce much better images than the Asus Zenfone 2 but with plenty of the camera modes provided in the Zenfone 2 like the Super resolution mode making the camera capable of taking 52 Mp images the Asus Zenfone 2 gets a boost in camera department against the the Mi4i camera.

Asus Zenfone 2 VS Xiaomi Mi4i : Battery life

The one of the main priorities you want in the phone is the long lasting battery and in normal usage both of the devices will not let you down.

The Xiaomi Mi4i comes with a Li-ION 3120 Mah capacity of battery .The battery can last easily for a day thanks for the octa core configuration having a less power consuming quad core processor by Qualcomm and also with Qualcomm Quich Charge 2.0 technology the device can charge faster at faster rates .

In the Zenfone 2 you get a LI-PO battery of capacity 3000 mah and it can last a day . In terms of faster charging the device also supports Asus own boost master technology which can charge the device upto 60%at just 39 minutes.

The difference you can see is that the Mi4i comes with a common LI-ION battery compared Asus LI-PO batery which was used before the production of LI-ION battery . The good thing with the   LI-PO battery is its flexibility in its build structure and also the prevention from and battery blasting issue .But the com here is that the LI-PO had less energy trapping density than the LI-ion also the LI-PO battery also gets out of use or say in condition to be replaced faster than the LI-ion battery.

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