Apply For Google Adsense  is not a big task but getting approval is very beg task for a newbie person.

In this online world all bloggers wants to earn online income from Google Adsense. Everyone knows that in these days it is a tough task.But I would like to explain one line for those bloggers who thinks that we can’t get approval.

“In this world nothing is impossible, everything is possible. If you are thinking that I can do this then yes you do this because you have power. But if you are thinking that I can’t do this then you are also right because you have not ability to that particular work.”

What to Do Before Applying For Google Adsense

6 Things to Do Before Applying For Google Adsense

As you know all that Google Adsense is world’s largest ads Ads network and pay-per-click program. The policy system of Google Adsense is very strict. If you will not follow the steps of this program then you can get disapproval any time.

If you want to get Adsense then before applying for Google Adsense you need to follow some ways.

A Professional Domain Name

Firstly if you wants to work with Google AdSense then you need to choose a professional domain name for your blog. Because here you are going to work with Google Adsense.

Note: Google wants to work with quality and professionalism.

According to m views you should register your domain name with .com . Or if you don’t want to register with .com then you can register with .org.


As you know all that content is the king of internet market. Without quality content you can’t achieve anything. According to the policies of Google Adsense you can’t get approval on copied content.

So if you want to earn with google Adsense then you need to write a quality content on your blog.

Create A Privacy Policy Page

Most of the persons don’t know the value of privacy policy page. If you have no privacy policy page then you can’t get approval.

Privacy   basically identifies to your visitors. Frankly speaking if you have not Privacy Policy page then there is nothing bad in having an awesome privacy policy page.

You can create Privacy policy page via your own efforts or you can create this page via online Privacy Policy Generator.


Most of the bloggers are thinking that if they have no traffic then they have not power of Adsense. But it is a wrong thinking because traffic doesn’t matter.

But I would like to suggest to you that you can try for Google Adsense With 100+ daily traffic.


Frankly speaking before some days I was working on my another blog and somehow I open Google Adsense and do login with my details. And after that apply for Google Adsense.

Truly speaking I was shocked that my account has been fully approved on only 13 articles. This is my experience, But I would suggest to you that apply For Adsense after publish 30-40 articles.

And the length of the articles should be 500+ minimum.

Other Ads

If you are going for Applying Google Adsense then you should remove other Ad networks before applying and don’t use then back until get a sweat and awesome reply from Google Adsense Team.

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