10 Best Free Web Proxy Websites to Surf Blocked Site

Free proxy websites are used to make our web surfing easier in restricted places like school,colleges or offices. Basically web proxy work like alveus between computer system and website. Free proxy website provide us  anonymity, freedom and privacy free of cost. Proxy websites make hard to find or track the user. It also make network structure secret by translation of network address. These free proxy websites can be used in both commercial and non-commercial organizations. Here we are going to discuss some proxy websites.

Best Free Proxy Websites

List of Best Free Proxy Websites :

Hide.me (hide.me)

In our list of free proxy websites this website comes on first position. It is very fast and also has very simple setup to install. Another good thing about this website is that, appearance of ads is negligible. It is one of the best trusted and reliable website. Over 5,000,000+ users use this website all over the world.

Kproxy (kproxy.com)

This is another  free proxy website comes on second position in our list. It is also one of the reliable website. Surfing on network after using this website become very fast. It is very easy to install either in windows or mac. It was established in 2005. As it has many years in-service so it has millions of users. On this free proxy website we can use free https protocol. This site is proficient in avoid the limits.

Hidester (hidester.com)

This website comes on third position in our list. There are some extra features of this website like we can reject scripts or modify permissions for surfing. This free proxy website provide us SSL(secure socket layer) which make our searches ruction free. This is one of the most credible website. We have two options of pick the location of US and Europe before browsing. Another amazing feature is that we can allow or disallow cookies while browsing.

Megaproxy (megaproxy.com)

This website also has a good traffic of users. Using this website is free of cost. We can also remove ads from web page while using this free proxy website. Cookies can be also blocked by users.   But some obstructions are also there when using this website like we can not download over 200Kb data and JavaScript is also blocked. We also can not use https “POST” on this website.

Anonymouse (anonymouse.org)

This website is one of the oldest website in our known. There are some advance feature we get on this website. It support email, news and web proxies. We have another option of language selection between English and German. Https websites can be access in this proxy website. We enjoy an ads free internet surfing on this website. User don’t need to pay any money to surf on this website.

HideMyAss.com (hidemyass.com)

This is the proxy website which is not penurious of any introduction. This website is very popular in proxy websites. Millions of user uses this website because it is most reliable and trusted website. This website plays two different services as mentioned below :

  • Free Proxy Site

Smoothly access to blocked websites. Surfing after using it is free of cost. Ads are negligible on this website.

Filterbypass.me (filterbypass.me)

On number seven in our list of free proxy websites Filterbypass.me comes. Its setup is very easy to install and it is very easy to use. Nothing has to pay for surfing from using this website. Another nice thing in this website is that a search bar is also available there for paste the URL of website which we want to browse. This website work when cookies or JavaScript is enabled. SSL should also be enabled. This website has not too many ads.

Proxify.com (proxify.com)

This website is basically a paid proxy website and it is in our list of free proxy website because cost of this website according to features provided is very low. This website has a lot of advanced features. Another marvellous feature of this site is that it provide over 1230+ location across the globe. User gets 3 days trial for free on this website. Users who does some money transaction related work on internet should use this website. This website hide IP address of the particular computer system and changed it with another region’s IP.

BlewPass (blewpass.com)

This is an another credible free proxy website. This is very useful in backtrack of filters on internet network. This site can also bypass the firewall filtering. Policy of this website assert that user will be fully anonymous while surfing using this proxy website.

Surfing speed on this website is quite good in compare to its similar websites.

ProxySite (proxysite.com)

It is a website which is hosted by gigabit network. Website claims that speed will never slow down on this website. This website has both the option to use the address bar on the top of website or on the bottom of website and we can also allow and remove JavaScript and cookies from the website.

Conclusion :

If privacy and security is our priority while browse any website the we should use free proxy website and VPN. Proxy sites hide the user’s IP address so that anyone can not see the location or the data which has browsed online but ISP can see our location or searched stuff online. Some of the proxy sites are very secure even ISP can not see what we browsed. Proxy website encrypt our internet traffic. We prospect that the above mentioned free proxy websites are useful to you.

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