Best Pokemon Go Hacks for iPhone and Android

Upon the release of Pokemon go for ios and Android the game had become a sensation overnight. Everyone is loving Pokemon go . Every one wants to become the best Pokemon master and so here we are going to give you the best hacks up to date so that you can use some extra features while playing the game and for those who want to do it fast .  Those people who are unable to play Pokemon go because for country availability and device compatibility we do also have some tricks for you to.

Pokemon Go Hack for iPhone

A)Without jailbreak

Using Poke Radar App

the Pokemon radar apps give you information about the location of the Pokemon on the map according to your place you can download the poke radar app easily from the app store it is free to use and no jailbreak is required for it.

Download poke radar app from app store

B)With jailbreak

Using  Cydia Tweak

For jailbroken devices the plus point for this tweak is that it will not only have the feature of poke radar app but it also let know you when a Pokemon is nearby when  you play Pokemon go also if you click on the nearby Pokemon button the tweak will take you to the Pokemon itself and you don’t need to walk around so its like select and find itself type of  tweak.  so it   will easily help you to find required Pokemon.

Other Features:-

This tweak also help you to select a place you want to go and it will automatically take you to that place . you can also select the movement speed of your  poke trainer while moving to your desired place so you don’t have to  wait for longer times . Also home button is also available which will take you to your current location.Another plus point the tweak that gives you enhanced pokeball throw option so to help you catch a Pokemon easily.

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How to install Pokemon jailbreak tweak

  • Its pretty easy to install Pokemon jailbreak tweak and no computer is required for it.
  • Just go to cydia app and click on sources option and then add source.
  • In the add source dialog box write and click on add sources.
  • After adding it under individual sources you will see written open it and click on all packages and find Poke ++ for Pokemon go! package.
  •  Install it as for now the maps are not working on 81 version so click on change and select downgrade to 80 version if 81 does not works  for you and its done enjoy your Pokemon go hack and become the best Pokemon Go master.

Here is the video tutorial:-

Pokemon Go Hack  for Android

Hack Version 1.3

What’s New ? (Xposed Pokemon)

1) Minimize the window by using the Switch in the joystick.
2) Pokemon Real Time Map feature Added.

What’s New ? (Hide Mock Location Module)

1) Application search feature added
2) Fix Blacklist mode (Works on all devices)
3) Fix Splash Screen Issue
4) Added new mock location methods
5) New horrendous Icon

How To Set Up (Android)

  1. Download and Install Pokemon GO APP
  2.  Download and Install Hide Mock Location Module app
  3. Activate The Hide Mock Location Module  using Xposed Installer
  4. Open the Hide Mock Location App
  5. Select Pokemon GO in the app and Reboot your devices

Download Links:

Pokemon GO APP : Link 1 / Link 2 (v0.29.3)
Hide Mock Location Module : Link 1 / Link 2 (v1.2)
Xposed Pokemon Module : Link 1 / Link 2 (1.5) (Updated)
NOX APP For PC : Link 1 / Link 2 (

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Hack 1  (Need Root + Xposed Framework)


  1. No need to walk on roads, Auto Walk Hack
  2. Play game even if your country is not supporteD
  3. Move Using On-Screen Joystick

How To Use Hack 1 ? (Recommended) (Android)

1) Download and Install Xposed Pokemon Module
2)Activate The Xposed Pokemon Module  using Xposed Installer
3)Select any place you want
4) Tick “Enable Module” Option
5)Set Speed to minimum (Or else you’ll not get any Pokemon)
6) Click “Start” Button
7)Open Pokemon GO and Move using on-screen joystick
8) You can also enable “Walk” Feature and Use joystick to specify direction, Player will keep moving in that direction :)

Hack 2 Info

1) Get real-time place of Pokemon near you (with timer)

How To Use Hack 2 ? (Android/PC)

1) Go to
2) It’ll show a map
3) Select any place you want and you’ll see Pokemon nearby with timer
4) Go to that place before the timer runs out :)

Hack 3 Info (PC)

Play game on PC from any place you want

How To Use Hack 3 ? (PC)

1) Download and Install NOX
2) Wait for Pokemon GO to be installed automatically
3) Press CTRL+3 or Click “Virtual Location” icon from sidebar
4) Select any place you want and click “OK” button at the bottom of the screen
5) Restart NOX
6) Open Pokemon GO
7) Walk using W-A-S-D key on your keyboard
8) Enjoy


1) Do not go faster than 20 Kmph
2) Do not change your place more than 10 KM away or you’ll get soft banned

What happens when you’re Soft Ban ?

When you’re soft banned, you can use the game but if you try to catch a Pokemon, it’ll run away and You cannot use Pokestops while soft banned
It may last anywhere between 15 min – 5 hours

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