Here’s the full  Bluehost Review and you’re on the right place to know about the Bluehost Web Hosting before buying it. With everything getting on the internet these days, the service of web hosting is getting on a roll. There are a lot of hosting services which are providing you their services and offer you the domain of your choice. The main question is which hosting service provider to select and why.

Bluehost Review

Now, if you are thinking how does the hosting service matter it’s just the domain, you are wrong! The domain you get and the hosting service you have affects the performance of your website in a pretty huge manner.

What is web hosting service?

Do you know about web servers? The basic function of a web server is to host websites and deliver web content from its hosted websites over the internet. Now, these web servers are used by web hosting service providers to host multiple websites. Thus, the web hosting service is the one which allows your website to be accessible across the internet via World Wide Web.

BlueHost Review: Web Hosting  Analysis

Since now you know about the function of bluehost  web hosting service, it is now understood that you have to be very careful when selecting the web hosting service provider. Amongst the various web hosting service providers, BlueHost Hosting is one worth looking at.

BlueHost started operating in 1996 and primarily offered shared hosting service and later diversified into various hosting services. This service provider has been ranked 10th in overall, 20th in speed and 6th in uptime.

This service provider currently hosts more than 2 million websites and is amongst the most inexpensive, most popular  and  shared hosting options available. The major reason for this web hosting service provider’s popularity is its affiliate program pays out over $5 million annually.

Bluehost Review

BlueHost Web Hosting is widely popular amongst the new blog writers on the WordPress as it offers an easy $65 for referral.

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BlueHost Hosting  Features

Free Domain

BlueHost Web Hosting provides a free domain for a year along with the shared hosting plan you have opted for.

cPanel is completely filled with features

BlueHost Hosting is integrated with a lot of tools such as CloudFlare, Page Speed Grader, Google Apps etc, and thus their user interface is a lot better than the common cPanel default skin.

No Spam

There are inbuilt anti-spam solutions right in the cPanel, thus your site is completely spam free.

No limit on number of email accounts

BlueHost Web Hosting provides you unlimited and free email accounts for the top-end plan, so you don’t have to worry about the email ids here. However the email storage is within your total account storage. The one catch here is that, there are however limits on the number of emails you can send in an hour so if your site is a little demanding in terms of the emails to be sent, you can easily use some third-party solutions.

Get backups daily

Your website date and the stored devices are backed up daily, automatically.


Other features

  • 24*7 Live Chat and phone support is available.
  • Highly configured services.
  • Easy plan up-gradation  without many hassles.
  • Account isolation technology.
  • Decent level of customization.
  • Multiple user access control mechanism.
  • Built-in Content Delivery Network.
  • Unique IPs, SSL and SiteLock protection.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

The Price Range

The company has 4  different plans for different kinds of hosting and domains.

Bluehost Basic Hosting Plan

The basic plan is at $3.49/mo and is the most popular amongst the beginners. This is best to newbies to start a blog. In this plan you would get :

  • Get  1 Website to Host
  • 50GB of Website  Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Can add only 1 Domain but can Park upto 5 Domains. ( 25 Subdomains also )
  • 5 Email Account with 100MB/account
  • No Extra Offers

Bluehost Plus  Hosting Plan

The mid range plan costs around $4.45/mo and it is the most value for money plan out of the lot. This plan is best for the Advanced ones. In this plan you will  get:

  • Unlimited Everything.
  • You can include 1 domain only into it but can park unlimited.
  • Get $200 Marketing Offers included.
  • 1 Spam Experts for you.

Bluehost Prime Hosting Plan

The prime plan costs around $6.95/mo and this is plan same as plus plan but this have some good security measures. In this plan you will get:

  • Unlimited Everything.
  • You can include 1 domain only into it but can park unlimited.
  • Get $200 Marketing Offers included.
  • 1 Spam Experts for you.
  • 1 Domain Privacy
  • SiteBackup PRO

Bluehost Go PRO  Hosting Plan

The highest offering is called Pro and is priced at $13.95/mo, this is the only who which include all the plans features in this Go Pro Hosting Plan. This is the Costly and Worthy plan from all other plans.

Bluehost Review

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Final Verdict

The plans that BlueHost Hosting offers are pretty cheap when compared to the most of its competitors. The overall services and offers are quite lucrative and value for money.

The two negative points I have here are that:

  1. The most basic plan has a limited add-on domains
  2. The support department they have is not-so-great.

Overall, considering every point, BlueHost Web Hosting is a decent host for the money and one should definitely give them a try while looking for a reliable, filled with features and aggressively priced shared website host. So here we end up with the BlueHost Review, If you have any problem in Buying or Setting up the blog/website comment below you would get the Free Migration service if you buy from us.