Content Marketing Strategies with Simple Techniques

Content plays a very important role on your blog. We try our best to write awesome articles on blog. In which some people like it and follow it. For example if you write an article then it will reach to those who were searching for that article. So to get reach with them we have to write good quality content and apply some great content marketing strategy on it to market the content easily with people.

content marketing strategies

There are many kind of content marketing strategies online available. Now I will share the simplest method of content marketing with you. To get more traffic to your blog write well structured and proper content. Make your article awesome as flying high with the search engines. Spend your time to make your article easily express and explained to each other. Don’t write article to earn money.

Now I m going to explain some content marketing strategies from which my blog is gaining a lot of traffic and loyal readers. From these strategies you can also gain lot of traffic to your blogs.

Simple Content Marketing Strategies:


Infographics What figures and numbers, and then there is the perfect way to get the point across quickly. If well designed, looks great with people on the web seem to love. When it comes to creating your infographic, you should think about telling a story. Make sure you do enough research to the correct numbers to find the right wants to tell. A good tip would be to investigate possible to find. The latest and most up-to-date facts research Here is an example of a message recorded with an infographic.


Know more engaging way to connect with your audience? Connection According to Forrester Research, video 1 minute worth 1.8 billion. This is because the video easily digestible and memorable than the text. The best kind of video you can ex-plainer videos to make your company and these tend to get starter animated screen or recorded. If you want to make a video, then you should think about your customers. Think about the problems they face, and how to go about solving these problems – and use that as a basis for your story.

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Social Media

The main motive is to target the readers. Because many bloggers didn’t target the readers. First target your readers then write an article. Social media are one of the best way to get loyal readers to your blog. This will help a lot to gain traffic. But conversion rates of sharing in social media is low then compared to search engine traffic. Sharing in more groups and pages known as spamming. But gaining traffic from social is to easy.

Search Engines

Do you know search engines are the best way to increase your hugely converting traffic. But ranking your articles in SERP is not much easy to do. Many bloggers try to build links as spam to rank their blog easily and equivalent. But those types of building is not for lifetime it’s just for some days or some months. I Suggest you to make quality links for your blog it takes time but it will help your whole blog life. Creating quality links is a strong for your blog and you will not be a spammer while doing this. Now a days Google algorithm is giving importance to  blog contents. So try to make more quality backlinks which will give you something special to your blog.

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