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When it comes to website and blogs, ads have become an important way for the publishers to monetize. Not only ad networks important for the publishers but is equally important for the advertisers. However the sad part is that not a lot of people are aware of all the ad networks and the one which makes most of the top is Google AdSense. As large as word inventory Google AdSense as, there are other options which are worth looking at. One such ad network is CPX24. The website of this ad network is very simple and user friendly. All the features and options are clearly mentioned, however we bring all the features and details here in a short synopsis.

cpx24 ad network

In a gist, CPx24 offers various facilities like high cost per miller rares, very low minimum payout, fast payments, no minimum traffic requirement to join, non-intrusive ads, accepts both adult and non-adult content websites, has high paying referral program and a great support via both email and Skype.

This ad network provides help to the advertisers in achieving their goals by delivering them best targeted traffic. It can deliver over 200 million daily targeted visits to your website which can boast up your business.

CPx24 is a pop advertising company which acts a connection link between publishers and advertisers using the real time bidding system. The website offers quite competitive rates in the market. The website makes payments within 48 hours through Paypal, Skrill, Payza, Webmoney, Wire, Paxum and bitcoining, any of the medium you might want to choose. The very handy part of the payment system is that the only minimum transfer amount has to be $0.50. The publishers and advertisers are accepted from all the countries.

The best part of choosing this ad network would be that this network does not require any minimum traffic requirements for their publishers. As soon as one joins the providers’ ad network, your website or blog, the ads are ready to served at your platform. The network also provides you some referral earnings, you can earn some percentage of your referral earnings.

Features of CPX24 Ad Network

Fast Payment

There are various websites which take a long time to make payments to you and thus can cause difficulty when you need actual cash. However, this network is different and will provide very quick payments. All you need for this website is to sign up and confirm it from your email, and after that just out the ad tags on your blog or website and then you can earn a huge traffic as well as payment. Fast payment here means that you can withdraw the money with 3 days of confirmation. The minimum payout is as low as $0.5.

Customer Satisfaction

It is very important your ad network has a good customer service. This is because since most of the bloggers or publishers do not know about the codes or any of the technology related aspects of the things that are concerned with the website. The best feature about the CPX24 is that they have a completely dedicated team support. You can ask any number of queries and questions to the team and get responses and solutions to the as early as possible. Their major motto is to provide complete customer satisfaction. The network accepts member from all the countries except members from China and Thailand traffic. Their website has one simple dashboard for both publishers and advertisers.

Team Support

The network provides a team support service. This will help you with all the information you might need for blog uploading and provide huge traffic support to your website or blog. Their team support helps the network to quickly turn an onslaught of support phone calls and emails in to assigned. The network also provides instant approval of all the types of websites and blogs.

Large Advertisers

This network has a very large scale of quality advertisers in their kitty and one can start bidding at $0.001, which means $1 per 1000 pops, there to buy traffic etc. The ad network is growing day by day and has a huge number of advertisers and thus your website or blog can easily have ads posted on. This can be done without a lot of complications. The best part for the advertisers is that they can withdraw their unspent funds at the dashboard any time they want.

Accuracy, Modification and speed

It is important that as a publisher or blogger your site has relevant ads which match to the content of your website. For example, you will annoy your readers if your website has content based on finance and your website displays advertisements regarding shopping products or travel options. The relevant ads here should be regarding some courses or books related to finance.

Now with this ad network company is that it will provide you all the relevant information regarding the ad and your blog or website traffic. The website will update the regular traffic report of your blog. There is very high accuracy and speed of information that will be provided to the publisher.

cpx24 ad network

Again it is important you realise that every ad network has different paradigms of working and thus it is better you compare them before settling for one. It is also important you compare the right website with the right peer. It is not useful to compare apples to oranges. For example, CPX24 is a website which has payment system of cost per miller whereas Google AdSense works on the basis of cost per click, there is a vast difference on how these ad networks pay and comparing them will be clearly misleading.

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It might also be helpful to know that there are some ad networks which would not accept your blogs or websites because it is relatively new, however some will. There is also a difference in the kind of payments for different kinds of content. So before you go on and settle for one particular ad network, be sure you have done your research properly.

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