Create Google Alerts : How to Setup Google Alerts

Google Alerts, as the name suggests, it’s a service which makes you alert regarding your interests and choices on the internet. On its popularity level, most of the population is still unaware of Google Alerts. In simple terms, the topics or things which you liked and you want alerts related your liked topics, then Google Alerts is your perfect fellow.

Google Alerts work just like a tracking system, you ordered something and after that, you tracked your order after a certain time interval and this trend is same followed in Google Alerts, you picked your topics after that the tracking of your topics done with the help of Google Alerts.

Create Google Alerts

About Google Alerts:

This service of Google is a result of Naga Kataru’s hard work. Google alert was launched 14 years ago on 6 August 2003. Basically, this service of Google deals with change detection and if the change is detected, it reports that change to the user in the form of notification.

In the starting journey of Google Alerts, the company faced many problems in its technical area and, the service was terminated for a short period of time.But, its technical team solve all the bugs and presented the fully working version of Google Alert to the whole world.

How Google Alerts works:

To use Google Alert, an email is required. It works same as a search engine but in a slightly changed manner. That is where it provides you results based on your choices or it provides you results regarding only your picked choices.

After reading so much about Google Alerts now, I will tell you about how you can create your Google Alerts.

Steps to Create Google Alerts:

  1. Open your web browser and just simply type “Google Alert”. Click on the first link that appears on your screen. or you can open this Google Alerts.Google Alerts
  2. The alert’s webpage will be opened on your screen. There is a sign in option present at the top right corner and sign in their with your email.
  3. On the screen, there is a search box available and below that search box, you will see the alert suggestions related to companies, movies, technology, news section, music, sports, automobiles, health, finance, politics, T.V. etc.Setup Google Alerts
  4. If you want to find more options or your suggestion is not listed than search it in the search box. After finding your topic just enter the email on which you want to get notifications related to your picked topics.
  5. The last is just click on create alert.

Options available for creating a Google Alerts:

When you are creating a Google alert there are many options are available which you can use for creating changes in your alert. These changes are related to in what way you want these alerts in your email. Options are:

  • How often: The option is related to when you want to get these alerts in your email and the options are As-it-happens, At most once a day, At most once a week. You can select any of these options.
  • Sources: By using this option you can specify that from where your alerts will come. The available source options are automatic, blogs, news, web, video, books, discussion, finance.
  • Language: Clear with its names, here you can select the notification’s language. In which language you want to get your alert.
  • Region: Select the country of your alert.
  • How many: This option deals with quantity of your results and the available options are only the best results, all results.  Select one option from these two options.

and your alert is created.

Editing of Google Alerts:

When you open alerts in your system, you will see new section placed under the search box named as My Alerts. In this option, your alerts were shown to you and if you want to edit your alert.

In front of your alert a pencil sign is placed, click on that sign and you can change all the options according to your preferences.

Deleting Google Alerts:

In the section of My Alerts, where your alerts are present and in front of your alert there is a delete button. click on that button and your alert is deleted.

Wrapping Words:

For increasing your web quotient, then you have to be regular on the internet. But, by using Google Alert you get updated very easily and the most important thing is, it saves you valuable time.

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