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Everyday millions of user use the Facebook and share the videos and music etc. When you are utilizing the Facebook and find an amazing video on it, but when you want to show it to your friends or some other people you are unable to find it. Yeah No Doubt! One of the major issues as Facebook has high rate of flux of its content you do not find the prior seen post easily, then you must download the Facebook video whenever you like some. Facebook video is amazing but few find it difficult when they see a video on Facebook and cannot download it. To see it later without browsing, here this blog will provide you the one of the great solution to download Facebook videos. After downloading the Facebook video you can easily share on any social media account or enjoy it by watching later with your friend and relatives without browsing it again.

Download Facebook Videos

Downloading Facebook videos is actually not hard when you using the laptop or PC, it’s quite easy with these two gadgets, but the easy way to save it by opening the mobile version of the video when you are browsing it on your laptop or PC. This is the best to download Facebook video in free. Just read them gradually and follow the below mention steps.

    • Open the Facebook that you wish you download.
    • Right click on it and select the show video URL .
    • Then hit enter.
    • Then you will find the new page opened. See the upper portion of your screen y0ou will find the video URL stating with https:/
    • Delete the www front of the URL and replace it with the letter m .
    • Your URL should begin like this .
    • Then press  Enter  to open the mobile version of the video and click  Play  on the video. It has to start playing then you need to proceed to the final step.
    • Right-click the video and select  Save Video As and here the video is.
  • Save your video on your laptop and you can watch it by using the any MP4b video player of your choice. So you’ll download the online Facebook video in free.

Isn’t it easy guys!

Download Facebook video with the help software.

There are many software that is available online by the help of them you can easily download the Facebook video easily.  One of the best software is

Method 1:- Follow These Easy steps!

  • Firstly, Install the software
  • Now a green bolt will show up alongside or next to the videos. Clicking on the bolt gives you option to choose the quality and configuration of the video to download
  • Now move the mouse pointer over the player. “Download SD | HD” coordinate download link will show up. Tap the symbol of either format to start downloading now.

Method 2:- OR Download the Facebook Video Straightforwardly From the site.

  • Copy the link of the video and then paste it into an input field at Then afterward tap the “Download” button on the right. You will be provoked to choose the format and nature of the video record to download.
  • After that you will be demonstrated a link of direct links to all videos which are on the web page.

You will also see the preview of the video before downloading it.

Two methods have been demonstrated above you can choose the one that fits you the most or the one you find it easy, totally depend on your choice. If your internet is slow then this software will help you download video using

Now some other hints to download video Facebook online when you are browsing it on following browser.

When the Facebook is video is posted by your friends, relatives or family members on your timeline or on their timeline just open the video on whatever browser using it to utilize Facebook.

Web Explorer program

  1. Open the video on Facebook that you want to download on from Facebook.
  2. Firstly click on the Play symbol on the video to begin playing the video in another tab.
  3. Then at the base of the Internet Explorer window, you will find a pop-up message will show up, inquiring as to whether you need to Open or Save the video. Then click on the down arrow and then proceed by selecting Save As and select the Save as alternative.
  4. Choose an area on your Personal Computer where you need to save the video.

Google Chrome program

  1. Click the Play symbol on the video to begin playing the video.
  2. Then Right-tap on the video and select the Save video as… option.
  3. Choose an area on your PC where you need to spare the video.

Firefox program

  1. Click the Play symbol on the video to begin playing the video in another tab.
  2. Right-tap on the video and select the Save Video as… choice.
  3. Choose an area on your PC where you need to spare the video

The above detailed points are same as they all have the same procedure to download so don’t confuse on them if you are using any one of the above mention browser such as Internet explorer, Google chrome or Web explorer.

Want to download the video that has posted by you on facebook.

  1. Now first Open your Facebook account and find the video in your “photos” section.
  2. Then Click on the video to open it on your Facebook account.
  3. Now once the video has been opened, click on the  Options  link which is given under the video.
  4. After clicking on it in the Options menu, you will see one or two download options. If the video was recorded in high definition,  Download HD  and  Download SD  will be available options to select or if the video was recorded in standard definition, only  Download SD  will be available to select. Then proceed by selecting the preferred download option, depending on the quality of the video that you want to download.
  5. And then the video will start downloading.

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