How to Download Microsoft Office 2010

Looking for help to download Microsoft Office 2010?

When it comes to computers or laptops with Windows as operating system, the first thing you look for is Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office has become daily use software. Everyone one who knows how to use a computer, knows how to use either Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Power Point Presentation, to name a few of the most commonly use programs under the Microsoft Office head.

Why not buy  Microsoft Office 2010?

The fascinating thing about Microsoft Office is that it is used everywhere, homes, offices, schools, banks or any other institution where a computer is being used. The catch however with this must have software is that, it is very expensive to get a licensed version. Since the software is very important, you have to get it, either paid or may be a pirated or unlicensed version. This is however unethical and against the law, but very commonly done. This is done for a few simple reasons that first since it is very expensive, buying it is not easy and the second being, as it is easily downloadable for free, why would anyone want to pay?

Download Microsoft Office 2010

Also, this software gets updated like every 3 years, with new additions and cool features. No one would want to miss on these features and one of the most amazing updates Microsoft brought was the Microsoft Office 2010. Spending so often is not easy and thus a lot of people look for unlicensed version.

Now, this unlicensed and unauthorized version is also available with a lot of computer repair or selling shops, but most of them generally charge for installing it on to your computer. Now the charges of these people isn’t as extravagant as the company prices, but if you are not willing to spend at all, follow the steps below and get it for free.

How to download it?

Now as said above, you can surely download Microsoft Office 2010 for free, thanks to internet. However, this is not as simple as downloading a video. Once you download the file from the internet, here is a link which may be useful:

Download Microsoft Office 2010

Now this is the link of the official website. This software will work for a trial period of 30 days, when you use a valid company email id to log in. The important point to remember is, make sure you delete all the earlier or successive versions of Office 2010 before beginning with the installation process.

How do you use it for long?

Stating the obvious here, you are going to need this software for way longer than 30 days, how do you do that?

For this, you have two different methods you can follow:
1. Use a serial key generator.
2. Use the crack option.

The first option of using a serial key generator is simple and effective but can take time. What you need to do here is, google up some good key generator software, there are a lot of them that available for free. Use it to generate a key, copy this key and paste it at the registration form of the Microsoft Office 2010 application. This makes your software free to use for as long as you want.

The second option is a little tricky but effective. Here, you go to the basic setup file of the software and make a few changes in the file extensions and once done, the software doesn’t asks you for registration anymore and you can easily use the software as long as you want.

Here is the YouTube video which guides you to use this crack option in a very systematic way.

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