eHost Review : Best Hosting Service and Hosts 1+ Millions Sites

With everything getting online, everyone is looking to setup a website in order to get their business in the limelight. However, setting up a website is not as easy as it seems and there are a lot of decisions to be made. To be completely honest, I think only 2 out of 10 people would completely understand how to get a domain and hosting, furthermore how important it is to get a decent hosting services. There are a lot of hosting services available and someone who is getting into setting up for a website is definitely bound to get confused amongst the number of options. Here in this blog, I am going to be telling you about the features of a hosting service provider eHost .

eHost Hosting Review

So, if you are a first time user who is looking for drag and drop services and do not want to get in to the tedious task of coding, eHost Hosting will be the perfect platform for you. This hosting service will help you easy installation of even WordPress  in one single click. With a lot of features that this web hosting service will provide, I have listed down a few features that you will get to enjoy.

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eHost Hosting Analytics and Apps

  • eHost is consumer ranking award recipient and provides its users with amazing SEO tips  & tricks and online tutorials.
  • The website hosting also offers social media and tons of app integrations available and also sites with mobile optimization.

eHost Hosting Unlimited Domains and Emails

  • You can manage email address at your domain with a single cPanel account
  • You will also have unlimited email accounts supported by POP3 and IMAP, which comes with all the plans. The ehost platform also offers customizable spam filters and virus checking.
  • You can also set up services such as email forwarding and auto-responders.

eHost Hosting Unlimited Domains and Emails

eHost Hosting eCommerce Solutions and Free Online StoreeHost Hosting Free Online Store and eCommerce Solutions


  • This web hosting provider gives you access to a free online store with cPanel and online marketing guides. Shopping cart facility is also available for the users of this hosting service and also provide PayPal integration.

eHost Hosting Network Monitoring and Customer SupporteHost Customer Support

  • The most important relationship is the product and price, but equally important is customer service. eHost along with that offers and online help center with 24/7 customer support available via phone, chat and email.
  • Also has a 24/7 network monitoring with  great customer support team looking to help you.
  • All of the plans offered by this web hosting service provider are protected by enhanced security suite valued at over $100.

eHost Extras

Ease of Use

The hosting site is very user-friendly and that is the very first thing you should focus on. Either you are a beginner or an experienced person, coding and understanding everything is not so easy and can wreck your brains to a very high extent or thus this feature is something you should surely look at. With eHost Hosting, all of this is not something you will have to wreck your brains with.

eHost is very intuitive and sleek along with their pricing model being appreciative. The hosting website offers you many of app integration facilities and add-ons at your finger tips. The cPanel service by hosting will allow you to very easily install WordPress, Joomla or Drupal to ensure added flexibility, the drag and drop site builder offered by the hosting provider is very sleek and efficient but if you miss your CMS.

eHost Hosting Pricing Plans

eHost hosting offers three different pricing plans for your customers and you can choose them on the basis of your budget and time frame. The three different plans are :

eHost Hosting Plans

  • eHost  3 Year  plan – This plan is available for a subscription period of 3 years and will charge you at $2.75 per month.
  • eHost 2 Year  plan –  This plan is available for a subscription period of 2 years and will charge you at $3.99 per month.
  • eHost 1 Year  plan –  This plan is available for a subscription period of 1 year and will charge you at $4.99 per month.

eHost Hosting 70% Discount

If you are planning this website to be working for a long-term, it is advisable to take a subscription plan of 3 years which will help you to save your money.

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The costs of these web hosting service may seem high but with the ease of use facility and the numerous additional perks and the add ons that this hosting service provides, this cost is pretty stunning. Price is definitely concern for everyone but there is not just price which you should be looking at. Remember the website should be up and working every single day and should be easy for you to handle.


You cannot sacrifice the quality of your website for a few dollars. If you website takes too long time for to upload or to run, your customers or visitors may get annoyed. Remember it is important for the visitors to be satisfied and if they are not, your website will fail to serve its true purpose.

Reliability and Support

As mention above, setting up a website is not as easy as it has been made to seem by a few people. Even after every plugin options available, you still have to know about the domains, best web hosting functioning and other lot many features. eHost provides you with a 24*7 customer support in order for you to be able to fully set up your website without any delays and concerns.


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