Find Facebook Page ID – Step by Step Guide

As the usage of social portals increasing day by day, it is very necessary to have complete information about the medium you are accessing to be on social media. One such portal is Facebook which is being used by millions of people every day. Initially, users only access Facebook for entertainment & connectivity purposes but as the reach of this portal enhanced a lot from past few years. Facebook is vastly used for business, marketing & security purposes as well. In order to connect your Facebook account with other portals such as WordPress, It is very necessary to have proper Id of your Facebook page.

In order to add social media plugins to your website, mainly if hosting is WordPress, you must have to provide authentic Facebook profile or Facebook Page Id. Plugin let your visitors take on your Facebook business page or personal profile directly. In short, the ease of having more visitors at your business page can be enhanced via availing proper Facebook Page Id.

Find Facebook Page ID

Due to lots of cyber security issues & crimes, the security for accounts & pages are strict now. Thus, many of the applications asks for authentic Page Id while trying to connect Facebook with other platforms. WordPress also requires Facebook Page Id when it comes to connect a particular Facebook Page or profile with the site via Social Media Plugins. Even some of the Facebook application asks for the Facebook Page ID. So we need the Facebook Page Id on several occasions. For the ease of configuring your Facebook page or account with a particular portal some steps are summarized by us. Below mentioned are the complete guide to avail page Id of your Facebook account in minutes.

Normally there are too easy ways to avail the Page Id of a Facebook account which are very easy to get done. But before sharing those guides, some more information is being summarized for readers which will help you all to understand more about Facebook Page Id.

Facebook Page Id is basically a numeric value which is used to identify the Facebook page or profile inside the Facebook database. If you are using some custom URL for your Facebook page then the Facebook Page ID does not appears on it. User generally cannot find out the Facebook page Id hence find many difficulties and when they are on right track of their search then they get confused between the page ID and Profile. Here we will tell you how to analyze the Facebook Page id and profile id.

Till now, we let you understand everything about the need if Facebook Page Id, What Facebook Page Id exactly means etc. Stepping ahead, below are the two best ways to find out the Facebook Page ID are:-

From Facebook Page Setting

One of the easiest way to grab the Facebook Page Id is to find it under your Facebook settings itself. As, Settings contains all the required data which is very close to your account’s privacy. Here are the quick step to find Facebook Page id from your Facebook page setting:

  • First of all log in to your Facebook Page account with right credentials.
  • On the Right Sidebar. Scroll Down and Click See all link in about section.
  • Once the about page opened.  
  • Scroll it down you will find the few info of your account and one of them will be showing your Facebook Page Id


This is not a way guided directly by Facebook authorities. Instead FindmyFacebookId is more like a third application which let users avail their Facebook Page Id within minutes. Most of the developers find this app easy to avail the Page Id as it does not need much of exercise and results same as above method. To avail Id via this app you have to follow below mentioned steps which are very reliable and easy.

  • Go to your browser and type over search bar.
  • Click on the link and visit the site.
  • You will see a text box inside the site onto which you have to proceed.
  • Enter your Facebook page URL in that text box.
  • Click on the Find numeric id button and wait till it proceeds.
  • By clicking on it you will visit the new page showing your Facebook page Id.

So above all two methods are shared to get your authentic Facebook Page Id. You can try any one as per your ease. You can successfully find your Facebook Page Id without any issue. Hope these two ways will help you lot and you can easily share it your with your friends.

Note: There is a lot of difference between Facebook Page , Facebook Account and Facebook Group . Facebook account is that you use every day, which connect to your friends or you chat with your friends. A Facebook page is considered as the Facebook business page, so Facebook page is different from the Facebook account. Here the very first way that is defined above to find out the Facebook page id is to find out the id only for Facebook page so make sure that you are using the Facebook page only or finding for the Facebook page only.

Above mentioned methods are for Facebook Page Id. To know your Facebook profile Id one of the quickest method is shared below:

  • Open your Facebook profile page
  • Press Ctrl+U on your keyboard or click on View Source .
  • Press Ctrl+F to open the browser search bar and search for profile_id= tag in the whole code.

These all are the methods to search your own Facebook Page Id or Profile Id which will be used for many security as well as connectivity purposes. You can try View Source trick to avail the Id more precisely.

Open the desired Facebook profile in your browser, and then View Source of that page (Usually  Ctrl+  U) and search for  .

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Find Facebook Page ID

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