How to Get iMessage on PC

iMessage, as its name, justifies that this is a service of Apple and this is related to messaging. Firstly, I’ll tell you more about iMessage after that we will move on our main topic.

What is iMessage?

iMessage is an instant messaging service which is by default present in your iPhone, iPad or Mac device. By using iMessage you will be able to send the text messages along with text message, it lets you transfer pictures, video, sound, and location quickly easily to another user of iMessage on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch

As the iOS 10 launched, Apple added some many other awesome features in iMessage i.e. Handwriting, Digital Touch, full involvement of emoji with emoji tapback, screen effects, bubble and many more.

I hope, now you will become familiar with iMessage, so now we start our main topic i.e. How to get iMessage on PC?

Well, as I told you above that this service is available built-in iPhone, iPad or Mac device, but what about other users like PC users. Are they be able to use this service? Yes, they will be able to use this service. Let’s find out how they can use this service.

In this article, I’ll be telling three methods which let you use iMessage on your PC. So, sit back relax and keep on reading and scrolling down.

Get iMessage for PC

Methods of Using iMessage on PC:

Access iMessage by Remote:

This is the most recommended method of using iMessage on PC. Because this is the simple and valid method.  Using Chrome Remote Desktop extension is the easiest approach to get iMessage for Windows, but you will need to get a Mac. Install the exact same on your Mac, once it’s downloaded on your computer. There are lots of folks who use Windows PC and are intrigued to utilize iMessage. The imessage on pc is an immediate messaging application available for free and constitutes a good deal of the majority of unique and advanced features out there in various ways.

There are different ways too. One of the greatest ways to utilize iMessage on Windows PC is with a Chrome extension named Chrome Remote Desktop. Go ahead, you’re going to have a truly fantastic time with iMessage on Windows PC. Well, it may not be the simplest task on the planet, but don’t worry, that’s the reason why we are here.

Requirements: Mac device with iMessage, window PC, internet connection. chrome remote desktop.


  1. You must have the chrome browser on both mac device and pc if you haven’t downloaded, then go and first download chrome on both the devices.
  2. After successful installation of chrome, download another thing i.e. chrome remote desktop on both the devices. On PC, it will be downloaded as an extension and this extension will be available on webstore.
  3. And on your Mac device launch this app.
  4. Firstly, we will discuss steps to set up this on Mac device.
    • When you successfully launch chrome remote desktop on your Mac, then you will see two option. First, one is Remote Assistance and second on is My Computers. In My Computers option, click on Get Started.
    • Click on Enable which launch the Host Installer page.
    • Click on Accept and Install option.
    • After successfully downloading, a file will be downloaded, click on the file and a launch package will be shown to you named as Chrome Remote Desktop Host.pkg
    • Double click on the .phg.
    • Installation of Chrome Remote Desktop Host.pkg starts and after few clicks, it’s successfully installed.
  5. Move little bit above, on step 4’s 1 point, here I’ll tell you about two option, now click on first option i.e. Remote Assistance.
  6. Click Enable remote connections and set 6-digits pin code which you will be required when you get connected to another device. By setting this pin, the installation part of Mac is completed.
  7. On start with the PC, open that extension which you downloaded and in the My Computers section click on Get Started and click on Mac computer.
  8. Enter the 6-digit pin that you set on your Mac device and click on Connect.
  9. That’s it. Great you have done it. Now you will able to use iMessage on your PC.

Get iMessage on PC using iOS emulator: iPadian

As we all well aware of the powers of new processor and os, so that you can also run another’s os on your system and this will be possible by using an emulator. For installing an iOS app you will want to first install the iPadian app on your computer. That’s why to use iMessage on PC you can also use this method. Workaround for the majority of the things are created, and in the event, the workaround is created then it is easy to make out on how much is the demand for the service. Then you have to run the emulator. There are a number of iOS emulators on the internet, but iPadian is trusted and found reliable for the time being. For example, there are quite a few Android emulators which let you run a Virtual Machine of Android on your computer.

Steps to Install iMessage on PC:

  1. Download the iPadian Emulator.
  2. It’s extension file downloads on your system, install that extension.
  3. Launch iPadian emulator.
  4. Starts its installation by accepting its terms and condition.
  5. Open this software and search iMessage and download this iMessage app.
  6. That’s it. Done.

Accessing History of iMessage on PC:

This method will let you transfer all your messages along with text, images, photos, videos and audio in conversations from iPhone to computer.

For using this method what you have to do is you have to use a third-party tool named as iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter. This will do the rest of task. This tool will not only do the transformation from the iPhone, but you can also transfer from Whatsapp, Kik, notes, voice memo and more.

So, if you want to see your chat history you can use this method and very easily you can check your history of iMessage app on your Apple device.

Priorities of these methods:

Chrome Remote Desktop method is totally secure and safe, legal also. When you use this method you don’t have to worry about anything. Using Chrome Remote Desktop will supply you with a secure connection without risks of losing personal info. So, try to use this method as compare to other method.

iPadian Emulator – If you are able to use the chrome remote desktop, then avoid this method. Don’t think that this is illegal but, there is a chance of malware added to your system. So, I’ll recommend less this method.

Avoid this method:

Jailbreaking, by applying this method, the chance of malware and other susceptible things become high. It also drops effect on your device’s performance. You will be lost your device’s warranty. If you don’t enjoy the aforementioned ways, then you can attempt jailbreaking your device. Furthermore, your Jailbroken device is more inclined to be affected by malware, battery life problems, and other issues.

After that, if you are want to jailbreak your device, then remember this thing that While jailbreaking your device, you should make sure that the method you use to find root access is not going to violate Apple product warranty.

Jailbreaking a unit is a complicated and a risky practice. As a result, if your device is still under warranty, you might want to judge how much it’s well worth it to you. If you don’t enjoy the aforementioned ways, then you can attempt jailbreaking your device. If your device isn’t under warranty anymore you truly don’t have a thing to lose by jailbreaking the gadget. Once your Apple device is configured and the server is ready to go, you’re going to be in a position to use the service on your computer. In the start, you want to jailbreak your Apple device by installing the software named Cydia. But as I said above avoid this method as get possible.


That’s all in this article. I’ll describe the method which you can use to access iMessage on your PC and also describe what you have to do or not. You can also use another messaging app if these methods will not work on your system. Because there may be the reason for different platforms. But, I am sure that you will get your desired results using these methods specified above. Tell us in comment section.

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