Healthcare SEO Tips for a Healthy Medical Practice

CVS, the online pharmacy is bringing healthcare, wellness and beauty products within easy reach of the common man. Apple is marketing iOS apps that help patients manage their own health, connecting them to caregivers in emergencies. These are prime examples of how digital marketing strategies are driving a personalized interaction between medical practitioners and patients. If you’re looking to engage patients online and increase the footfalls in your clinic, digital marketing strategists at MiroMind have shared SEO tips and techniques that will boost your ROI.

Healthcare SEO tips kick-start your digital foray, making you a player to reckon with on a competitive arena

Healthcare SEO Tips

An SEO friendly website is mobile friendly

Surveys reveal that 62 percent of smartphone users access the net, seeking information about healthcare products and caregivers. Imagine connecting to these users for marketing your products, services, and health plans. Google announced that mobile-friendliness will be a key factor determining a website’s search ranking.

Your SEO Strategy to become mobile friendly:

  • Tweak your HTML coding to make the website accessible to various online platforms.
  • The site should detect the user’s interface, and respond with a page customized for that device.
  • If the existing site is too unwieldy to tweak, develop a separate page tailor-made for mobile users.

Customer satisfaction is now a key Google ranking tool

It‘d be pointless for the searcher to route the keyword to your site, only to discover that your page takes too long to load. The dissatisfied customer punches the back button in search of other options. If this happens too often, your site will rank lower in relevance and performance parameters.

Your SEO Strategy to improve customer satisfaction:

  • Optimize images, retaining only those that are relevant to your key area of expertise.
  • Use HTTP compression to reduce the data that the customer accesses, and ensure your compression tool is compatible with the user’s device.
  • Reduce the number of HTML/CSS requests that your site generates. This helps your site load faster and make customer searches more productive.
  • Review your web hosting service. Consider moving to higher quality hosting services with better support.

Pack the rafters with readable, usable, interactive content

Your digital marketing strategy receives a boost only if you publish content relevant to your medical specialty.

Your content-specific SEO Strategy:

  • Start a blog that informs and educates the customer on trending medical topics, powered by your unique insights.
  • Medical information should spell out health benefits that are relevant and updated.
  • Allow experts to share their medical insights through webinars and podcasts.
  • Create YouTube videos marketing your care giving services to engage and inspire a whole new field of untapped users.

Common mistakes that undo Healthcare SEO efforts

Healthcare SEO isn’t all about tweaking your layout and plugging content. It is an ongoing effort, sustaining your website, adapting to the changes affecting the industry. You can do that by avoiding the mistakes that many healthcare websites make.

Poor, unserviceable linkages

Review and reorganize your system of linkages. Make sure that your prominent pages are accessible using anchor texts with optimized keywords. At the end of the linking rainbow, keep plenty of material that searchers can read and interact with. Place a sitemap that tells search engines what your SEO goals are.

Irrelevant, outdated content

If you want footfalls to improve, you need to come across as a credible source of information.  For that, you’ll need tons of well researched, readable content relevant to the industry. Perfect the technical aspects of the content, make sure the content is audience-specific, and use keywords to target that audience.

Invisible, inaccessible content

Sharing content through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest improves visibility. Get the movers and shakers in the industry to discuss and engage audiences on key aspects of your content.

Ignoring keywords/phrases that count

As a professional, you might think “Cardiac specialist” describes your niche. The avid web searcher might be using a simpler term “heart doctor.” Research the keywords that expose you to your chosen audience; keywords that may be powering millions of web searches. Then define the content that wraps around those keywords.

The Bottom-line: Making or breaking Healthcare SEO with the right or wrong strategies

The best healthcare SEO practices ensure that your target audience stays focused on what you aim to deliver. Avoid the mistakes that pull down websites ranking. It’s difficult keeping pace with bewildering changes in Google algorithms, but it’s not impossible. The end result should make it easier for your customers to make appointments. The searcher should have faster access to products and services. The visitor must be kept informed about what’s new and hot in your medical specialty.

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