Here’s the List of the Top Most Popular Desi Apps!

We belong to a generation where some tech-genius is coming up with one app or the other every single day. Do you have any idea about how many apps there exist in the android, IOS and Windows world put together? Well, that was not a trick general knowledge question or anything. If you don’t know, we don’t either! The truth is – No one does.

Top Most Popular Desi Apps

But then, there’s something that we do know about! We bring for you the list of the most popular DESI apps.Oh yes, the top 5 trending Indian apps which are high on popularity is as follows-


This Mumbai based app has redefined travel for the Mumbaikars.This app lets you find out about the timings of trains and buses all around the city. With Mumbai locals being the life-line of the city, there’s no reason to wonder about why our mumbaikars have fallen madly in love the M-Indicator! You don’t believe what we are saying? Lookout for any person with a smart phone in a Mumbai local and ask him if he has the m-indicator installed. Do it, it’s our dare!


Shopping online has become the craziest trend offlate.When things we ordered arrive at our doorstep, it almost feels like we’ve gifted ourselves a box of happiness. Granting wishes since when it began as a start-up, Flipkart has come a long way to become one of the biggest players of e-commerce worldwide.


Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, hire or post jobs, here’s one app that lives up to its name-Just do it everything, Quikr! With facilities of live chat and nationwide access to the app, this app scored high in terms of getting work done, in a matter of few minutes!


Zimmber has changed the way people look at household chores. It is an app which has been tailor-made for the contemporary families who live the fast life. Zimmber is the perfect hit for all your homebound concerns-right from pest control services to driver on demand, this app lets you book a service at your time and the background-checked Zimmber professionals arrive at your place. The pricing is transparent and the service range is broad to add-on to the brownie points! Don’t wash, sweep or swap! Just Zimmber.


Well, next to Zomato in terms of its popularity, foodpanda is the one app that has managed to catch the attention of our Indian foodies.Foodpanda lets you order food from the best places in town.So if you’re contemplating between two options for a great burger spot, all you gotta do is just keep calm and foodpanda!
So, have you downloaded these apps yet? Well, we are sure you have. That’s why they’ve managed a spot on our crème de la crème list!

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