High Paying Affiliate Programs – Top Affiliate Programs of 2020

With the increase in the access of Internet and online marketing, the name of affiliate marketing has also renowned and make a proper place for its existence over the Internet. There’s no doubt that good ranked products are the real bread & butter earnings for affiliate marketers. Both, advertisers and publishers accepted that affiliate marketing programs helps them a lot to enhance their company’s annual revenue.

Top Affiliate Programs of 2018


The Six Figure Mentors

Honestly, I will not put this into an affiliate program category as it is more like a digital business system which helps you to cultivate the type of life you love to live. The Six Figure Mentors will help you to enrich your online entrepreneurship skills which will surely let you succeed in online portals.

High Paying Affiliate Program

One most instant reason that come to each’s mind in respond to questions like Why to choose this affiliate program is that, SFM conveys top class modular training programs in a timely manner. The step-by-step programs are generally driven by top business leaders and being provided all over the world. The main motive to provide such programs to students is to make them capable enough to handle financial obstacles came across while running their own online platform.

Main Values Provided By Their High Paying Affiliate Program:

  • Modular-form marketing & advance business skill set training modules.
  • They are offering Up to $8000 commissions over per sale for newly added people.
  • Opportunity to choose monthly as well as yearly affiliate commissions and be their lifetime customers.
  • Personalised coach which will train you digitally at every stage of business.
  • Quite interesting Blogging Platforms to show your talent.

eBay Partner Network

Yes! That’s a truth. Even eBay can earn you good amount by showcasing theirs products as advertisements on your website. eBay in real, lists the car for sale and by promoting those cars on sale you can earn a great profit!

Top Affiliate Programs of 2018

To earn quite good profit from eBay, you must have to be a resident of good place as well. Like if you are residing in UK then, you can take 75% commission on each sale of car. As, eBay is a trustworthy firm so there’s marketing programs are also quite interesting and profit generating.

Main Values Provided By Their High Paying Affiliate Program:

  • With eBay affiliate marketing programs you can directly earn double commissions within first three months of joining.
  • Perks of having widgets, ad creatives and link generators so to promote items wisely.
  • Awesome features to know reports and change the way you are dealing digitally.
  • Instant tracking of your sales and payments in a timely manner.
  • With a total of 162 million active buyers, eBay is already setting good examples to promote and sale and earn.

Colmex Affiliates

If you are a wise champ and wanting to earn even more by focusing upon a trading platform then, Colmex is the best choice for you. Practically, Colmex allows you to trade in capital market and through that provide you a stage to earn good; simply a form of wise affiliate marketing online.

High Paying Affiliate Programs

Main Values Provided By Their High Paying Affiliate Program:

  • Earn flat 40% as commission on each sale you made by directing customer through your website.
  • Have tricks by own an affiliate account manager right after you sign up with Colmex.
  • You can also choose any of three payment plans i.e. CPA, CPL & Revenue share.
  • Features like custom reporting are also available.


You can also try QUITN6 affiliate program for your quick earn as it mainly aims to help people grow on their own and helps them to get rid of boring 9 to 5 job. They offer quite interesting tools and also enrich your skills to use them for the best. The main reason that I advise people to go with this affiliate program is that the platform itself has built by an entrepeneur having successful businesses over Internet.

High Paying Affiliate Programs

Main Values Provided By Their High Paying Affiliate Program:

  • Flat 75% as commission over each sale made via your website.
  • Attractive features like, Banner ads, Email swipe etc. to enhance sale rate.
  • Many other marketing helpers are also provided.
  • Additional 10% Tier 2 commissions for all affiliates that you refer to the company.
  • Prior low refund rates as per others.


You all are aware of this name as, Shopify is a wide e-commerce shopping platform which has been already making shopping easy for many is also into the affiliate marketing like many other top portals.

Top Affiliate Programs of 2018

In case you are planning to earn via affiliate marketing program then, Shopify is the best of all. Those who are planning to start their own online business can get help from Shopify as they provide almost every needy essentials that will be needed to start.

You can have a quick check on their marketing as well as web building services ranges from Web hosting to analytics of site, Adding of shopping carts to proceeding checkout, and other SEO related services.

Main Values Provided By Their High Paying Affiliate Program:

  • You can directly earn around $2400 by fixing each customer for them via your site.
  • Schemes like Pre-sale commissions let you earn 200% of a customer’s subscription fee as when you refer someone.
  • Conveniency in marketing by having banners and templates as marketing materials.
  • New affiliate dashboard presented by Shopify will allow you to have a track on currently running campaigns.


Basically, affiliate marketing will help you to have a side money earning for your investments which will also take as a part-time job done via your website to fulfil other needs. There are numerous of affiliate marketing programs that are ruling the Internet nowadays but above mentioned some are known the most because of their popularity.

Affiliate program will help you to boost your revenue and add more workability as well as traffic to your business. Who will not like to have a traffic which actually pays you off for visiting?? Well, No One!! These are the Top Affiliate Program of 2020 which are surely paying good earning to many people already.

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