How Facebook Ads Changes The Way Of Marketing

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Today we discuss about facebook ads and how efficently we can use them.

About: Facebook ads

Facebook and Facebook Ads have drastically altered the way we look at social networks.

With more than 1.6 billion users, this is the largest social platform that businesses use to get in touch with a vast audience.

Under these circumstances, it’s no surprise that Facebook Ads is a great help for companies, starting from startups to multinationals, influencing their growth and development as well as customer relationships.

First of all, you need to understand that managing your online business community on Facebook does not just mean ad management, but also content creation, responsiveness to fans’ comments and messages, and keeping them focused.

Today you will find out the benefits of using Facebook Ads, what types of ads you can make on the network, how to create an ad, and how important the Facebook Ads reporting tool is:

Benefits of Facebook ads strategy:

  • Paid ads on Facebook can appear in the news feed, in partner applications and on the right of the screen. This means that although they are marked as promoted/sponsored posts, the ads fit in the avalanche of news and the target users cannot see them.
  • Here you have the opportunity to advertise according to the target audience and its features: geographic location, age, gender, marital status, level of education, interests, interaction with the
    site page, etc.
  • You have the five responses, plus the like button to learn more about your audience. Recently, Facebook introduced 5 new “like”, “haha”, “wow!”, “Sadness”, “anger” reactions. Even though the network counts just like the number of likes, you have the advantage of knowing what emotions your audience feels and how your posts impact on people.
  • Another advantage, not to be ignored, is that Facebook Ads is one of the cheapest paid promotion methods. In addition, the fact that you can set your campaigns over a period of time gives you the certainty of not spending too much, uncontrolled.

How to create a Facebook ad?

Now, step bystep, I will explain you the process of facebook ad creation.

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  • Choose one of the two tools the network offers you to create creatives: Ads Manager or Power Editor.
  • Ads Manager works well for any business, including small ones, while Power Editor is useful to have more precise control over a more massive scale or for campaigns run for a long time.
  • In Ads Manager select the “Create an Ad” button. The first step of creating is to choose the goal of the creative. You can choose from the objectives that I have presented at the above point. Then choose the audience. Click here.
  • Use Facebook criteria to reach the target audience segment, people who would be interested / would need your products.
  • To create an audience, you have one of the most advanced targeting criteria: location, age, gender, studies, life events, affinities, interests, behavior patterns, business areas, etc. You can also create a custom audience or a similar audience to the demographics of the audience you know.
  • Then set your budget. Facebook offers advertisers the option of setting a daily budget or one for a longer time. Basically, ads with a regular budget will run continuously throughout the day.
  • However, it is advisable to increase your regular budget so that your ad has a significant impact on the selected audience.
  • Choose a budget for a long time if your ad will run longer.
  • To optimize your ads, set some days or hours of each day during which to run. Please do not forget to test your ads to see what impact they have on the target audience, and on this occasion, discover new audiences to address.

How to monitor the performance of your Facebook Ads campaigns

Facebook uses a snippet of code called conversion tracking pixel to track the events and performance of your ad campaigns. All the resulting data is available to you in the Ads Manager section.

The first thing you see when you connect to Facebook Ads Manager is a list of your latest campaigns and a summary of their performance, which you can customize as you wish.

Here’s how much you’ve spent so far, how many actions generated your campaign (clicks, conversions, likes, event responses, share, viewable videos, etc.), average and frequency – how often ad was shown to unique visitors.

Now after completing our discussion on about facebook ads, how to create them and how to analyse, I will show you another suberb feature of facebook ads that is Remarketing. So, let’s get started.


About the remarketing feature of Facebook, we’ve created a whole article here.

It has a cost per click even lower than other types of Facebook ads.

It allows you to tune the audience according to the actions it has made in your site:

  • You can reach those who have visited certain sections or content types through similar content to encourage them to come back.
  • You can reach those who have visited specific pages in the site and have not returned within a set amount of time. The maximum range is 180 days.
  • You can reach those who have visited sections or pages from the site but have not converted (selling, subscribing, etc.)
  • You can send a “welcome” or “thank you” message to users who have completed the desired action such as buying a product or registering an account.
  • You can get to those who have purchased a product and show them similar products and accessories through cross-selling.

Remarketing the audience:

When you create a Facebook ad, remember that the most effective components of an ad that sells are:

  • Images and videos – have a strong impact on users
  • Relevance – the more ads your ads are for the target audience, the more likely you are to sell
  • Plus value – your offer must not be the same as the competition. Monitor carefully your competition and see what you can offer to your customers.
  • Call-to-action button – clearly show the user what to do after seeing the ad.

Linking of Instagram with Facebook ads:

With Facebook Ads, you have the opportunity to tilt the audience on Instagram, linking the two accounts Ads are created in the Facebook editor.

For Instagram, you have three types of goals:

  • Site clicks.
  • Video views.
  • Mobile app installs promotion.

In the case of these commercials, an extra important element is the hashtag, appreciated and used by all network users.


In today’s article, you’ve discovered everything you need to know about Facebook Ads to start using it and enjoying results. You have learned the benefits of this promotion channel, what are the types of advertising you can create, how to make your first ad, why you monitor the results, and what the benefits of remarketing are.

With this note, it’s time to leave, stay tuned for existing and worthy articles.

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