How I Started Blogging And Be Successful?

Eager to know how to start a blog and be called  a successful blogger, and earn a passive income to either help your family, enjoy vacation without worrying about investment, and follow what you like to? Unlike what a 9-5 job, where you’ve to serve your boss, follow  his  rules, follow  his  words,  and it  stuck.

On contrary through blogging,  you  can make your  own  rules.  You  can follow what  you  want to.  You  can do whatever and whenever  you  want to in  your  surrounding.

How I Started Blogging

It’s exciting, and fun.  It’s what you want to do, don’t you?

And most beneficial part –  there’s no limitation.  There’s no border, you can blog on whatever you want to. If  you  love to watch sports, you can start a blog on sports, if you like to play guitar, you can start a blog on musics.  There is no boundary that would crept  you. (How I Started Blogging And Be Successful?)

No B.S. This are what I have been using since 2 years

Upon stumbling several sites on  how to start a blog, you are reading this – or may be its’  your  first time – let me be brutally frank to you.

The techniques shared in this guide, the things I mention, I’ve been using them from past 2 years and so I feel copying exactly the same would be really helpful for  you  cause through the same processes I am now able making a great income from my blog(s).

Note: I have included affiliate links in this guide which means if you are purchasing from my link I get a small commission out of the referral which won’t affect the costs and would be the same as it is. And please be sure to comment if you find this guide informative. You can also take this article as an iPage Hosting Review.

1.How to Start a Blog –  Finding a site hosting

Before you get started to blog you would be requiring a hosting to host your site. A hosting provides server space for your site to show it over internet live. Though there are free option available for you to get started with for instance, a Google hosted hosting, but if you want to take blogging seriously you require something better than it.

Sparing a little cash on hosting would give you huge profit. Trust me, even once I didn’t listen – I thought investing on hosting is crap – but the time I registered my hosting, it was late. Things gone scattered and faced a huge loss. I don’t want it to happen it to you too, so investing on a proper hosting is essential.

Starting up with, click here to go to iPage  (clicking won’t  interrupt  as it would open in new window).

Click on the button to  Get Started.

2. How to Start a Blog –  Choosing hosting plan

iPage  gives you three options to choose from: Essential , VPS and  Dedicated  Hosting.

Since you are new, I would recommend using the  Essential Plan  while gives you:

  • Unlimited Disk Space, Bandwidth & Email Addresses
  • FREE Domain Registration
  • FREE Security Suite
  • FREE Site-Building Tools
  • FREE Online Store
  • FREE Search Engine & Marketing Credits
  • GREEN! Powered by 100% wind energy

You may likely upgrade to VPS  later if you want to, however as in start to blog I would recommend using “Essential Plan“.


3. How to  Start a Blog –  Choosing approriate domain

A domain represents a brand, so it is really important to choose the most appropriate domain while you are registering it. It allows people to search for your site and land onto it.

Upon clicking on Get Started Now, you would be landed in an another page where you would be told to enter a domain. Enter a new domain (for example, on the left side column where it says New Domain, and be sure to select the extension of the domain you want to register (i.e. com, net, org).

Things to keep in mind while choosing a domain:

1. The shorter the better, usually under 15 characters.

2. Choosing top-level domain extension (.com, .net, .org) is preferable the most than a country level domain (, .in, .ca).

3. Adding your main keyword is recommended. If your blog is on cooking topic, make sure your keyword  cooking  is included (cause it improves changes of ranking your site on Google).

4. Avoid confusing/long words, make sure it’s easy to remember.

5. Avoid using hyphens (-) for instance:

4.  How To Start a Blog  –  Enter Details

On the next page, you would have to enter your details to register the hosting and get started to blog. You have to make sure you are entering a valid e-mail ID as iPage  would send some details to your e-mail, re-check twice the information you have added.

5. How To Start a Blog  –  Choosing Package

After entering your details, next you would have to select the package of the time extend you want the hosting to be. It comes with 5 plan in which the 36 months plan is the most appropriate one plus it is slightly cheaper than the other packages and is the most recommended one.

Other than that, you don’t require to purchase either Site Backup Pro, or anything else as WordPress plugins itself – that are free – you would be able to do those stuffs.

6.  How To Start a Blog – Enter billing information(s)

After you have filled all information (as mentioned in step 4 and 5) you would have to fill your billing information to make the purchase successful. Enter them, and click on tick (where it says, I confirm…..responsibilities). Click next.

7.  How To Start a Blog  –  Skipping all rest

iPage  would offer you a huge number of things after you have entered the billing information to make your site more robust. However, I don’t opt for them, and won’t recommend even you. So just skip all of them and continue to complete your purchase.

You would then be told to check your e-mail, since iPage  sends you receipts and few confidential details that contains your user id, password, ftp details, as well as cPanel’s URL.

8. How To Start a Blog  –  Log in to cPanel

As you have no completed the purchase so Go back to iPage, and click on the top-right side of navigation menu where it shows  Login  and enter your ID and Password you have been provided in e-mail, and Tadah! you’re now logged in.

9.  How To Start a Blog –  Installing WordPress

1. Click on  MOJO Marketplace (You would then be taken to another page) under Website.

How to start a blog

2.  Then click on “One-Click Installs” button.

3. Choose the domain that you have registered (in Step 3).

4. Enter your WordPress details i.e. Name of site, description, admin username, admin password -> Click tick -> Install Now.

5. Installation Process, succeeded.

10.  How To Start a Blog –  Final Things:

As you have now completed installing your very own blog, now what?

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  1. I just started blogging a few weeks ago, I hope I can build something interesting with it. Don’t know yet, money, reputation, whatever time will give me back for my efforts.

  2. Jaidayal Saraswat says:

    Hello akshit Bro !!
    its a superb beginner’s guide :) thanks for writing such stuffs “

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