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Well its great that you are here, it means that you have a little spark for the blogging. For that spark, I am gonna start this article “how to start a blog in 2019”.

Now, its my turn to prove your spark valid and fruitful to yourself.

It’s my duty now to show you how you can flip this spark into a full-time passion.

Introduction: How to start a blog

Blogging is a platform which offers you financial support, popularity and if you were a passionate and hardworking soul then no doubt that you will be able to build your own kingdom through blogging.

Blogging is a trendy job source for the trendy generation. It’s your own space, your own ideas, your experiments, your mistakes and your learning.

This is not like a 9 to 5 job time where you will do the same work from many years. Here, the only demand is for new ideas. 

You are not a single player here, so if you are not unique or hardworking, then my dear sorry, this is not your type place.

If you are still here, then I am sure that you are ready or passionate for this new world and also ready to odopt this world.

Then without wasting your much time, let’s get started with this article named as “How to start a blog”.

I believe in discipline and focus, so I’ll show you whole setup of new blog in proper squential manner.

Every new thing needs planning, same as in blogging before moving ahead, we need to do think upon some various steps, so that we become pretty sure that we had to be shift ahead for the main course i.e domain name web hosting, theme, etc.

In this article “how to start a blog”, I will try to make you mentally and technically prepared for the blogging.

Firstly, we cover the Planning Phase after that we’ll shift to the Implimentation Phase. 

So, let’s get started with “how to start a blog”.

Planning & Implementation Phase: How to start a blog

With planning, I want to clear few things related to blogging.

If you have plan to start blogging then then it’s obiuse that you have some expectations in return from blogging and these expectations may vary.

So, in this part me clearify those expectations and also we reform these expectations.

 Myths Related To Blogging:

  • Automatic Audience: The main important thing in blogging is the end audience that is viewers. Many people thought that if you start blogging you will automatically get followers. If you are also in this hope then, sorry dear, they won’t. No one will come if you aren’t telling anyone about your blog or promoting your blog. If you have a great piece of content and you show your content in front of your audience then, in this case, many people don’t get this
  • New Day New Post: Many think that for running a successful blog, you have to write every day new post or after every two or three days But there is no such type of compulsion. You have to just keep updating your blog. In blogging the quality matters not the quantity. So, don’t make a burden of such a thing, because by doing such type of things there are most of the chances that you may ruin your blogging interest
  • Need to be tech guy: Here if you are little surrounded by technology, then don’t worry, you would not face any crisis. You can hire tech people easily for most of your work.
  • Don’t focus on Fast and Furious:  You don’t need a vast audience in the initial stage. Your blog sees hikes in the audience at a gradual speed. In most of the blogs it was seen that they get their audience after a long period, but when they get their audience then they easily make six figures, so the whole game is of patience and hard work. All you need is the right audience. Because your success is always based on your right audience.
  • No Luck Only Planning, Patience and Potential
  • No need to be a perfectionist in initial stages.

Create Blogging Mindset:

As you see the name of this article is “how to start a blog”, so I want to cover all aspects of blogging.

Now, you are clear with the myths related to blogging.

I am sure now that your little spark gets more energy now, hoping that you are getting excited to launch your own blog.

Don’t worry you are not much far from the launch ceremony, but before that let discuss little bit about new mindset.

See after creating a blog, basically, you are adding a new daily rountine in your life.

So you need to set new mindset the for that especially from your mind that you have to do that. Because there are thousands of blogs already there and every day many new blogs are coming into existence.

But only few…very few blogs successd, most of bloggers drop that idea of blogging. 

And the reason for this downfall is not the skills but the right mindset to do blogging.

So, you have to shift your mind to a businessman from the normal person’s mindset.

A business mindset is required because this is also a buisnesss whether it is money or popularity. And a business is the person who knows how to balance, nourisgh and maintain any business.

Set Blogging Goals:

Goals, objectives, achievements these all terms has there importance in every successfull task.

Without goals you can’t move forward. You have to set your direction for working and this direction is set by your goals.

Basicallly, what you want from blogging or how you evolve your self in the field blogging. 

Main point here is alway set geniuen goals, never promise yourself with high points, start with small things, after that shift to the big screen.

Your goals should be smart that is  Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results Focused and Time Bound.

For eg. I will increase traffic by 30% in next two months or I will increase my email subscribes by 1k in next 4 months.

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With these goals you can analysis your working report and how you are performing.

Now, with all these points whether the myths, mindset or goals, the motive of mine is to make you guys mentally ready for the blogging.

This is the half motive of mine behind this article “how to start a blog”, because I want to vanish these things.

So, that you can’t lose your interest after one or two months while you start blogging. With this note, we will move to the real blogging discussion part of this article named as “how to start a blog” where we decide what to do and what will be its outlining.

Picking a topic or a niche:

Now, I help you to pick and decide a topic on which you start your blog . 

Well for me this is the most frustating part because many of us can’t decide what to choose or on which topic we are good enough. 

When you are picking a niche, alway remember these points that is compitition, volume of searches and how profitable this niche is. 

But many of the time it was seen that many new bloggers leave many profitable niches just because of their high competition. 

Not only new bloggers but many exxperienced bloggers also do so. But you need to understand here that if it has high competition that means it has a high volume of searches, ultimately it is more profitable to you.

Here, I am not saying that pick only that topics which have high compition, but the main jist of this thing is that don’t skip these topic.

If you have right plan and you are ready to put extra efforts than definetly go for it. All you need to do is to find a unique angle to the niche and present the information different than your competitors.

Let me make this thing a little easy. Write down all the topics in which you are intrested . 

After listing all the topic think about every wrote topic one by one that how long you can write about this topic.

Is audience intrested in this topic?

How much deeply you know about that topic.

Find all the issues and pros of that topic and related those issues and pros with the audience.

Will you able to solve people’s query releated to this topic.

By considering all these points, re sort your list.

After that now divide the topic to it’s last root, find the depth of topic, according to the intrest of audience.

Now we check the topic according to buisness analytics. 

Start with the competion, volume of searches, ad report and it has any product or service so that you can promote that product or service in future under an affilate program.

You can find all these things by using these tools. 

Google Keyword Tools for volume of searches, it is free of cost. Also you can check the compition.

Consider google trends for checking the intrest of audience in that topic.

 For checking that it has any product for promotion, then you can visit Amazon.

So, consider all these things while you are looking for a niche.

Some of popular niches that are evergreen for starting a blog.

Entrepreneurship, Career, Hobbies or Creative Endeavors, Parenting, Personal Finance, Internet / Digital Marketing, Self-improvement.

With all these things, I hope you will find have right topic or niche for your blog. So, we are done with the niche part in this article named “how to start a blog”.

Find Suitable Domain Name:

Domain Name, the name of your bog, the name which will represent your blog. 

Choosing a perfect domain is also a little confusing, we get confused like what to choose? is this better? does it suits the blog or not. And in all these confusion if you choose a domain name, but it is not avilable , then you get frusted.

So, be patient and find a perfect domain name. You can use a2 hosting for registering your domain name. Other platforms are GoDaddy, big rock, domains, etc.

You can go with a .com domain, not compulsory, you can also pick other TDL if you are addressing the local audience.

Now the second last part in this article named “how to start a blog” is the hosting, so let’s move on to the hosting part.

Find Right Web Hosting:

For making your online and 24×7 accesible, you need web hosting.

Seeking for a perfect web hosting, try a2 hosting

Wel there is many type of hosting available that is :

  • Shared Hosting: In this hosting, you will share a common server with many server. This type of hosting is the most recommended type of hosting for the beginners because it is cost-effective, uncomplicated and suitable to host a personal website or a blog or a startup website. You can move to higher hosting later on if you have demand for such things
  • Dedicated Hosting: Very expensive, but under this hosting, every notch of your blog will be served on a priority. Not recommended for new ones.
  • VPS Hosting:  A virtual space in your hosting for giving you more speed and controil as compare to shared hosting. New starter can also go for VPS hosting.

These all are the type of hosting, but there are many companies which provides these types of hostings. 

So, when you are looking for a perfect web hosting then just remember these points that are:

  • Customer Reviews and feedback.
  • Uptime rating.
  • Price during signing in and also after the renewal.
  • Storage.
  • Bandwidth.
  • Durability.
  • Customer Support.

Some of the popular web hosting service providers are: Bluehost hosting, iPage, a2 hosting and many more.

According to my recommendation, you can go with a2 hosting service. Because at a2 hosting you will get:

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 1-CLICK Script Installs
  • Free Solid State Drives
  • 99.9% Uptime Commitment
  • Linux & Windows Hosting
  • 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee

You can avail all this feature by having a2 hosting for your website or blog

Steps for How to Register domain and buying hosting: a2 Hosting

  • You can go with SWIFT plan.
  • After choosing the right plan, now its turn for the domain name. You will see these options: Register a domain, Transfer your domain from another registrar, I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers, Use a subdomain from A2 Hosting.
  • We use Register a domain option and other options are for if you have brought domain from another company or you have already registered a domain.
  • So, enter your domain name and select its domain name server and click on check.
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  • Now select the billing cycle. It’s your wish you can available billing cycle for every month, twelve months, twenty-four months and thirty -six months. On this page, you can also select some additional configurations for your hosting like SSL certificates, priority service, turbo boost, etc. 
  • Choose if you want a dedicated IP address (I don’t recommend it, unless you are created an e-commerce site and need a private SSL certificate).
  • Priority support and DropMySite offsite backups are things that you don’t really need.
  • You also get to choose your preferred server location (choose one that is the closest to you and your customers or site visitors).
  • Performance Plus and Barracuda Spam Firewall are two other upgrades which you don’t really need.
  • You get to choose an SSL certificate, Let’s Encrypt is Free and a good choice for personal and small business sites.
  • The next option is an important one. Here you can choose if you want A2 Hosting to auto-install WordPress (or Joomla, PrestaShop, plus loads more software) for you.
  • The last option is CloudFlare plus, which is another upgrade you don’t need right now.
  • After some more configurations, you will be asked to fill your personal detail, along with information for your domain.
  • Now, the last part fills your card details for the final payment. And within few minutes after successful payment, you were ready with your domain and hosting.

These all are the steps to buy a2 hosting and if you are now fully convinced with a2 hosting, then go and use this Special Link to buy it.

Another Options are:

  • Transfer your domain from another registrar: This option is for those people who want to buy domain from another company, so they can tranfer that domain here using this information.
  • I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers: If you were using your existing domain in other hosting server and you want to change your server, then this option is for you.
  • Use a subdomain from A2 Hosting: If you don’t want to buy domain and thinking for a subdomain, then you can avail this thing using this option.

Installing WordPress:

This part is the heart of this article “how to start a blog”.

After succeffully payment and activation of hosting, it’s time to installing the wordress.

There are two way of installing wordpress here and these are:

  • During hosting’s configuration: When you were buying the hosting, in hosting’s configuration you will see an option named as additional options 
  • Here you will see another option named as Auto-Install application, under option you will see many applications which you can install, according to your need.
  • Now, under these options, select wordpress – A2 optimized 
  • Your temporary login credentials will be shown at that time, so please wrote it down bevause these credentials will not be mailed to you.
  • Through Control Panel Using Softaculous: If you didn’t install WordPress during your hosting configuration, then this is the second option where you have to first login to your control panel.
  • After successful login, you will option of WordPress – A2 optimized under the SOFTACULOUS APP Installer.
  • Click on that option and starts the installation. Before, installation fill all the installation details.
  • The details have these fill in the blanks: 
  • Choose Protocol: Here choose a protocol from where your WordPress site will be accessible.
  • Choose domain: A drop box will appear in front of you, from there select your domain.
  • Install in directory: Leave this blank to install on the domain directly. If you are installing in a subfolder of your site you type in the folder name. For example, if you type in folder-name then WP will be installed: website.com/folder-name.
  • Site name: The name which you want to have appeared when someone visits your website.
  • Site description: A short info of your website.
  • Admin username: Username for the admin when he or she will try to open dashboard.
  • Admin password: Password for dashboard’s login.
  • Admin email: Admin’s email for dashboard’s login.
  • Select language: Select language for your wordpress platform.
  • In last now hit the install button and that’s it.

Now, in this article “how to start a blog”, we are done with the beck end work 

Blog’s Theme:  The Attention Graber

This is the last part of this article “how to start a blog”.

We are almost done with all our work, we settle down ourself for blogging, we pick niche, domain name and hosting, we activated backend platform. 

So, we are left with the front end that is the theme seletion. The structure which will viewers watch. And through this structure they will intract. 

If you don’t set new theme, your site will be launched with default theme, the default  theme is not suited for blogging.

In startings, you can use the free themes available in wordpress. You can avail these themes by login in your wordpress. 

After opening the dashboard, click on appearance available in the left side of the screen.

  • After placing cursor on option Appearance , you will see pop-up of option and from these options, select option of Theme.
  • Now, you can see many themes and you can activate according to your need and interest.

Yes, you did it, your blog is ready, now what next?

Well, now next task is to rank your website, so for that create great cand useful content.


We start from myths, mindset, goals, domain name, hosting and we end with the theme. We cover almost all aspects of blog creation. I hope you like this article “how to start a blog” and also worth for your knowledge.

Please tell us your feedback and also tell if you feel any issue in the comment section.

With this note, it’s time to leave and stay tuned for more articles like “how to start a blog”. Tada!!!!

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