hTC 10 Review : Back in the Competition

We have  htc rising on the  top  of the mobile market  and from earlier years failing to get its reputation back may be due to increasing options from other OEMs or may due to a flaw that every htc device had (camera is what I mean). Now 2016 have started and this year flagship are going to make this competitions much tougher will htc’s newest  and best one would be able to bring its pride back in the market and stands up to its tagline of perfect 10 we will see in this review of the hTC 10.

Htc 10 Review

hTC 10 :Design

starting with the design htc had never been in the back of the bandwagon while designing their devices for what i meant was that htc design language had always been an inspirational one the all metals premium design that htc provided for its flagship devices is something that could never be forgotten and this time we are getting another example what htc could do with its design.Here we are seeing again a full metal unibody design and this time the sides are curved till the edges and this curvature is polished which gives it a reflective finish at the edges. In the case of buttons placement we are getting the volume rocker at the right edge and the power button just below it . On the left side we will find the sd-card slot and the Sim card tray. Up top we will see the 3.5 mm headphone jack and at the bottom we see the speaker grill , charging port and primary microphone. On the back we see the secondary mic for noise cancellation near the camera module and thank good this time camera is not protruding  out that much.On the front we are seeing the a front firing speaker a bunch of sensors and front facing camera the screen with thin bezels and the capacitive keys on left and right side with the home button at the centre.

Htc 10 Review

hTC 10 :Display

We have always seen htc flagship devices with an improved and better display panel from its predecessor and this time it no exception the hTC 10 comes with 5.2 inch size and  2560 X 1440 quad hd resolution is a welcome upgrade from its predecessor though the Lcd display technology used is still at 5th generation but still hTC had been able to give a 99.9% of  RGB color spectrum accuracy in hTC 10 so that’s a good upgrade.

Though the display is quite good the text is sharp , colors look vibrant but still not as that of Samsung Amoled displays but still it does not matter that much and viewing angles are also great. The  only thing we missed in the competition is that both LG and Samsung took advantages of their display panels and provided the Always on display which is a great feature , but still we don’t know why hTC did not give it.

Htc 10 Review

On the brightness side we can say that the brightness of the display panel is quite good and better than the LG and Samsung flagship but under  direct sunlight LG and Samsung display brightens better than that of HTC 10 . overall we liked the display its pretty good and gives what is to be expected from a flagship level device.

hTC 10 : Performance , Hardware & Audio

For the performance we are getting the best processor at this time the  snapdragon 820 cloaked at 2.15 ghz from Qualcomm also it’s in-house Gpu Adrena 530 coupled with 4 Gb of ram and that’s enough we cannot expect more from a flagship device for this time by looking  at the spec sheet . In real-time usage the hTC 10 flaunts in terms of performance and from which i meant it’s still the best for performance and can easily compete with Samsung S7 and Apple iPhone 6s

Moving towards the internals we are getting  32/64 GB storage option which is good and a micro sd slot which can be expanded up to 200 GB so in my view storage should not be any problem with this device. For lasting long hTC 10 comes  a 3000 mah of juice but that’s not the  least we are also getting USB – Type c 3.1 as charging port and data syncing . It’s good to know that hTC 10 comes with Qualcomm Quick charge 3.0 support which can charge the device up to 50% in just 30 minutes.Intially the  battery life is very good the device could easily last a day with moderate usage , Further implementation of USB Type-c is making the device future proof.

Htc 10 Review 3

Coming to the audio  well starting we have seen many flagship devices but still the  only segment that these manufacturers least cares the audio but in case of hTC its the only brand which takes good care of multimedia side also we did not say that other manufacture devices have bad audio it’s just that in hTC case we are seeing tons of features in audio also BoomSound is still available, but implemented differently this time around, with a single front-facing speaker which is also used to listen to calls is paired with a bottom-mounted subwoofer unit that helps offer richer lower tones. The speaker is not that loud as before but  we still we are getting  much richer and clear audio experience this time.

The good thing is that now hTC 10 comes with 24-bit DAC support so while using the headphones you will get better audio experience , not many smart phone manufactures uses DAC so implementation of this feature gives it a plus point also talking about the headphones the bundled earphones in the  box with hTC 10 provided very good audio experience probably one of the best as compared to Apple or Samsung.

Htc 10 Review

hTC 10 :Software

hTC software had never been a problem there was not much of the complain about  it we liked the extra software features like the zoe and news feed page this time hTC had taken some different direction now the new Sense UI based on android Marshmallow is nearly stock which is good in our view and yet many of extra software features the hTC still exist. For us one of the feature is the new application named Boost + which is a manager for hTC which means it helps mange apps that are running mange ram occupied which is good  but  also a feature to downstage some games resolution to full HD from Quad HD to conserve more battery and remove some heating effects while playing games so that’s a great feature .The good thing is that hTC had worked close with google to remove  most bloatware which I meant there are no double apps for calendar and calculator we have default google apps which is a plus point.

Htc 10 Review

hTC 10 : Camera

Camera had always been a let down for hTC we have seen that in the  case of M9 but this time hTC had taken a new approach to tackle that problem just like Samsung they have decreased the mega pixel count while increasing the pixel size for each device so this time we are seeing at 12 Megapixel camera with 1.55 µ of pixel size which whole htc call the ultrapixel 2 with f 1.8 aperture so better low light . Also this  time we are getting OIS but for first time for both front and rear so no more shaky selfies and that good also for the front we are seeing at a 5 megapixel with 1.34 µ  pixel size and same f 1.8 aperture.

Htc 10 Review

Overall all the image quality was decent and hTC had done a good job in terms of camera . The hTC ten also scored 88 in Dxomark camera sensor score making it to the top so we can expect good camera performance from it. In terms of camera UI its pretty simply all the camera modes are just one tap away and it pretty simple to use.

Final Verdict

The hTC 10 will be start shipping in may for 768$ which is equal to 51,000  INR  its main competitors will be the LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 and in our view hTC had done a hard work to make this  devices the camera is not the best but still its way better than the most also implementation of extra features and a stock software experience hTC had got our attention this  time so in our this time hTC 10 is a worth Buy.

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