Htc Launches its New Flagship Device (HTC M9)

Htc Launches its New Flagship Device ( HTC One M9 )

HTC  is one of the best android smart phone manufacturer also known for its premium full metal unibody build quality for their flagship device providing a great premium device and this time HTC had again proved that you can get a flagship device with a great premium built quality by launching its new successor to the HTC one M8 or say   their new flagship device the HTC  one M9

Htc Launches its New Flagship Device ( HTC One M9 )

HTC M9 Design

It’s a matter of fact that not many other mobile manufacturers can compete with what HTC provides in terms of its build quality in my view it is the only mobile manufacturers who produces these full metallic high-end devices that can directly compete with the iPhone for its premium metal body design due to its full metal unibody construction the HTC one M9 looks gorgeous in the hands . on the way to physical overview you will find the power button , volume button sand the nano sim card slot at the lest side and the usb charging port and the 3.5 mm audio jack at the bottom and the ir plaster up top and a micro sd card slot on the right side this time the phone is designed by the same aesthetics from the M7 and economical design language of the M8 providing a great feel . all the buttons provides a good tactile feedback . at the back you will find a single camera module not like the M8 but the most striking thing about the phone is about the new two-tone finish of the device as the metal construction is anodised two times that features mirrored edges and are ergonomically tapered providing a great grip.

Htc Launches its New Flagship Device ( HTC One M9 )

HTC M9 Display

The phone supports a 5.1 inch supper lcd 3 panel with 1080p resolution which provides great viewing angles and multimedia experience also with the htc boom sound speakers it would provide better multimedia experience than other devices the phone had thin bezels so hand gymnastics on the phone’s screen can be done easily. The only deal breaker that can be is that most of the flagship device this time are going with quad hd resolution but htc is still at full hd but no difference can be detected on a 5 inch device the difference can be found on a 6 inch device.

Htc Launches its New Flagship Device ( HTC One M9 )

HTC M9 Processing package and Hardware

The HTC M9 is powered by the latest processing package provided by Qualcomm which is the snapdragon   810 which is a 64-bit octa core processor which should be available in a high-end flagship device.for the GPU department the phone is powered by Qualcomm own made ADRENO 430 gpu and the phone is backed up by 3 gb of ram which is enough for heavy multitasking. On the hardware side the phone had a ir blaster also the main thing the htc front firing boom sound speaker which comes with Dolby sound and the sound is more crisper and louder than its predecessor . the phone all the sensors required. The phone is available with 32 gb of internal storage and it supports a micro sd card expandable up to 128 gb. In the battery compartment the phone supports a 2840 Mah battery which would be enough for a day usage.

HTC M9 Camera

This time htc does not choose its dual camera setup or the ultramegapixel sensor in the M9 the phone had a 20 megapixel camera sensor with low light BSI sensor and this time the camera lens is protected by a sapphire lens so there would be no scratch easily . the rear camera can record upto  4k resolution and can take images with good level of details. At the front is the same 4 ultra megapixel camera setup found in the M8 as the rear camera so there would be great quality selfies in low light.the front camera can record up to 1080p resolution of video and can take low light selfies easily as it is also equipped with the bsi sensor.

HTC M9 Software

One of the most known skins is the htc sense ui and this time the phone cames with the htc sense 7 based on android lollipop.the formal features that are available are the htc zone and blink field. But this time the sense ui is much smoother and many more functionality are also introduced like the new theme settings and htc new location widget and other overall the performance is great with the ui and many more features are still to be introduced as the software is still incomplete.

HTC M9 Price and initial expressions

There are not any official announcement of the price but in terms of initial experience HTC  one M9 is a agreat device with a high-end specs and HTC  had again proven themselves by providing a great unibody full metal body design. The display can be a deal breaker but for some people in most of the case it would be great .with HTC  front firing boom sound speakers the device can good for people preferring multimedia.

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