HTC One M9 Full Review : Beauty Outside , Beast Inside

The HTC again proves  in design , software and also shifts the ultrapixel focus in its new flagship device the HTC One M9 but  is it enough to differentiate itself from the rest including it past flagship lets see in  the HTC  One M9 full review.

HTC One M9 design

HTC One M9

few people had argued in the past couple of years that HTC  really had the design of the one and in the One M9 the same design language continues perhaps bringing what people loved about the M7 and moulding it together with the changes that were made in the M8 . the frame has been given mirrored sharp edges . the general elements are the same which is the front firing speakers which is the key feature of HTC  line of devices bringing great audio experience with the HTC  logo at the bottom of the display coming around the back the brushed metal makes a return but has also  given that subtle tone which gives you a dual tone fining its material feels better than previous so slippage is not  much of an issue as it was last year coupled with new edges at the sides and ergonomically this just might be the best HTC  phone in terms of handling and now there’s a much larger camera optic package at the back which is 20.7 MP camera without the dual camera module introduced in the previous generation . speaking of the sides the power and volume buttons are found at the right the power button is textured different then the others which easily helps in recognition . over all the HTC  continues with its design language ans it is the shining perhaps literally example of how a flagship device could be and probably to some people best in construction so there is no denying that the phone looks good and is much more comfortable and premium then before .

HTC One M9 display



htc one m9 display

HTC also stick with its same display experience as same in M8 with its 5 inch 1080p display with 441 ppi which is familiar with other flagship devices of previous year . though quad hd display are more found in most flagship devices HTC  seems to understand that it could hurt the battery life and prefered not to risk that happening with there one . colors are good on the super lcd 3 display but in blacks it has  less contrast then found in the Amoled display but it is not that bad , text is as sharp as it should and there was no problem with display in terms of media consumption.

HTC One M9 Performance

speaking of performance the HTC  One M9 comes with a Qualcomm snapdragon 810 with adreno 430 GPU and backed up by 3 GB of ram for heavy multitasking and it can be easily said that this phone is a beast in terms of performance and the HTC own sense UI has some part in this too. transitions effects of getting in and out were smooth even multitasking was also a breeze because HTC  opted for its grid layout rather than the normal cards interface of the lollipop . now as goes some of the news about the snapdragon 810 heating issues in my view in day-to-day normal usage it works flawlessly but while playing games or high graphic related apps for a long time the phone tends to heat up but not that much leading to discomfort .

HTC One M9 hardware


as everyone in terms of hardware the HTC  line of devices are mainly based on the media experience but first let us start with the storage the HTC One M9 comes with 32 GB internal storage and can be expanded up to 128 GB with the micro SD card . this time the boomsound speakers are backed up by Dolby sound enhancements which can be easily found in the settings screen and this front facing speaker combination still stands as one of the best out there for everything for music to gaming to videos. the quality was good and was what it should be for a flagship device , there were no call drops or issues in call reception. in the battery department the phone comes with 2840 Mah battery which is obviously non removable as for the battery life the phone battery is a kind of above average but at the end of the day you have to charge it if you are a hardcore user or 1.5 day if you are a normal the connectivity department the phone supports LTE , NFC and also an IR blaster but still lacks wireless charging which is bit a letdown

HTC One M9 camera

htc one m9 camera


this time the camera was different then the previous M8 as this time HTC  did not choose to go with a ultrapixel camera with a dual camera module but with a 20.7 MP camera optics which is protected by a sapphire lens and the 4 ultrapixel camera is shifted to the front which is a nice move as the because of the ultrapixel capability to catch for colours in low light the people can get advantage in low light selfies. in general the camera quality was not up to the expectations to the flagship level device as the images have a lot of noise in them and lacked detail causing smudging effect and auto exposure adjustment was also not too great so you have to do it manual to get a good picture but yes the HDR mode somehow helped in good exposure but HTC sense 7 software was not fully optimised or say it was in developing stage so further upgrades may enhance the camera quality.

HTC One M9 Software


htc one m9 software

well coming to the software experience as told before the htc One M9 comes the new sense 7.0 UI on top android 5.0 lollipop and in our view it is one of the best UI to be prefered to an android users the UI animations are smooth and the HTC exclusive elements like news feed and Zoe are also their and this time HTC has provided a more customisable theme engine which is a great inclusion and some other features are also added like a new widget containing mostly used apps which also changes according to your location also shows prefered apps that can be downloaded overall the software is smooth and with the snapdragon 810 processor the phone works as a beast.

HTC One M9 price

getting to the price the phone is available for pre-order  and it will be around 600 $ off contract which would be the reasonable price for what you are getting this time HTC new design element and the software enhancements are really great but the only thing that is a  let down is the camera experience which was not up to a flagship level device but still it can easily be a tough contender to other flagship device like the  Samsung Galaxy S6.

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