iContact vs GetResponse: Why Going for GetResponse is a Better Choice?

Email marketing is a vital element of online marketing that has gained pace with internet reaching to larger number of people around the world. Businesses had gone online to reach larger numbers of customers and extend their reach to different nations. iContact and GetResponse are two fabulous tools that makes it really simple for the users to carry out successful email marketing campaigns for attracting customers and staying in touch present customers. Let us have a brief about each of them.

iContact vs GetResponse

A Brief about iContact

iContact is an easy way to meet all your email marketing needs in efficient manner. You are provided with exclusive range of email templates that can used to create a number of email newsletters. These newsletters further helps in staying connected with existing customers and makes the new customers to join your subscriber’s list. Moreover, you get proper reports about the performance of newsletter. It is suitable of small, medium and large size businesses. Start using your tool and you can easily cut short in your marketing expenses.

iContact vs GetResponse

A Brief about GetResponse

GetResponse is another promising tool that facilitates email marketing needs of its users. It provides an enormous range of templates to its users and helps creating customizable newsletters. Newsletters can be added with audio or video to bring interaction and attract more views. You get complete reports in form of graphs and tables so that it becomes easy for you to understand what data represents. GetResponse will surely help you the extra bit of money you spend on marketing of your business.

iContact vs GetResponse 2

iContact: Feature List

iContact provide a good list of features to its users. Some of these marvelous features have been discussed here:

  • iContact offer more than 600 customizable templates to its users. Users can easily choose between different templates having different layout & designs. Images, logos, and other media stuff can be inserted in the templates.
  • The WYSIWYG editor is handy in providing drag & drop functionality which means that the templates can be customized at ease of spinning the wheel.
  • You can send unlimited emails to your subscribers every month.
  • Users can create messages through MessageBuilder’ toolbar. If you opt for advanced package then messages can also be created using HTML.
  • You can even insert the sign up forms to the websites and Facebook pages too.
  • The ability to collect report of email newsletter is what helps the user to track performance of these newsletters.
    Email messages can also be published as posts on the website.
  • It provides you with worthy Auto-Responder system to send automated messages or greeting to the users.
  • The latest spam check technology ensures the higher deliverability rates of your email newsletters. Deliverability rates are as high as 98%.
  • It even offers a 30 days free trial to new customers.

GetResponse: Feature List

GetResponse is another productive email marketing tool that provides quality features to its users. Some of these features have been discussed here:

  • GetResponse provides you with 500 plus templates that can be customized according to your will. These templates are lavishly beautiful and mobile friendly too.
  • GetResponse also provides you with 100+ landing page templates that can be used to create landing pages for your website or store to attract the customers.
  • The WYSIWYG editor is handy in providing drag & drop functionality. this ensures that the templates are edited at ease by the users.
  • Auto-Responder 2.0 system is provided with every package to welcome the user when he/she first subscribe to your list.
  • The Inbox Preview’ features make sit really easy for you to check the actual email preview in real time.
  • A form builder for your website or Facebook page is provided in the package.
  • A/B Testing lets you to check 5 different versions of email template in real time and track performance for each version.
  • The advanced reporting tools can track performance of each and every newsletter you send to your subscribers.
  • GetResponse has its own Span Checking tool with name SpamCop’. It checks the stop words in email and suggests changes to those words so that your email newsletters are not blocked by the email spam filters.
  • It has about 99 percent of email delivery rates.
  • New users are provided with 30 days of free trial.


When we talk about pricing, iContact charges $14 per month for sending newsletters to around 500 contacts. But when it comes to GetResponse, you have to pay $15 every month for sending email newsletters to 1000 contacts. You can clearly see to it that which tool offers you the best deal. The plans can be improved as your subscriber list grows up.

iContact vs GetResponse

iContact vs GetResponse

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Customer Base

iContact is comparatively an older tool as compared to GetResponse. It has more than 700000 customers Worldwide while GetResponse only have more than 350,000 customers around the world. GetResponse has managed to reach this huge customer base in about 5 years of its launch.

Customer Support

iContact offers phone support (11 AM to 2 AM GMT), email support, live chat support, and ticket support to its users. GetResponse also offers phone support (9 AM to 5 PM EST), live chat support (Monday to Friday), ticket support, and email support too. Moreover, it also provides you free webinars to get your problems solved in an easy way. In fact, both the tools provide you video support.

Why Choose GetResponse over iContact?

Choosing GetResponse over iContact is a better decision because of its following features.

  • Better pricing Options
  • Landing Page Creator Available
  • Inbox and Mobile Preview Option
  • Modern User Interface
  • Excess Third party Integration options.


No doubt, both these email marketing tools are stunning, but iContact is lagging behind GetResponse in some crucial aspects. GetResponse offers better pricing, modern interface & design, third party integration solutions, and various other features that are absent with iContact. GetResponse is the best solution to all your branding & promotion needs. Close your eyes and opt for this promising tool.

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