Improve Your Website Traffic and Social Media Performance

The main SEO goal is to ensure that your website gets at the top of the first page of SERP irrespective of the search engine when users search for a relevant phrase. The target of most digital marketers is to track social signals so as to have your site ranked among the top five suggestions out of the ten suggestions on the search result page. This is not an easy task as many other digital marketers could also be aiming to rank higher for the same keywords. In most cases people tend to click on the first few suggestions with only the determined few going to the second page. This means that if your site is ranked among the top, you will receive more visitors to your site and the higher the traffic, the higher the conversion rate. This also means your site is vibrant in the social media platforms as already it comes out as an authority in search engines in your niche. This is a good thing for you and will affect your conversion rates with every click that lands into your website turning into buyers of your product or service.

Improve Your Website Traffic and Social Media Performance

Ranking high on SERP rankings is not exclusively about high quality and SEO. Although the two factors are fundamental determinants of your site position on the rank, it calls for consistent evaluation of the overall SEO strategy. Rank tracker is an advanced tool used by marketing experts and webmasters to monitor your keyword ranking and to generate summarized analysis, which is used to examine the efficiency of your marketing campaign. An ideal rank tracking tools checks your site daily rankings in multiple search engines, mainly Google, Baidu, Bing and Yahoo among others.

Monitoring tool tracks your position with regard to:

  • Keywords for which your site is ranked.
  • The number of searches that the keywords have.
  • The number of competitors ranked for similar keywords.
  • The geographical locations for which the website is ranked.
  • Mobile devices ranking analysis.
  • Daily changes in your rankings.

This allows keyword tracking in your specified region or country and checks the ranks on a daily basis to generate helpful report summaries based on the above criteria. It also generates graphical illustrations that clearly show your search visibility score, keyword grouping, tags and many other important insights. The tracker also sends timely alert messages to notify you of any changes that require your actions. The alerts may include keywords that need to be addresses or an opportunity to take your ranking even higher.

The SEO ranking tool can also check on the traffic potential providing a clear forecast of the future traffic. This also helps to know how much traffic is coming from your social media efforts and strategies. The competitor analysis tools checks on your top competitors’ rankings and keywords, like how they have used certain keywords and generates comprehensive insights to help you boost your SERP ranking. The reports obtained for the tracker are used to determine keyword difficulty and to obtain more long tail keywords to improve user experience.

Other Special Features

The rank tracker also has backlink monitoring and analysis features, web and content audit and smart decision-making tools. Web and content audit involves usability tests such as:

  • User Navigation Experience – How well your users are able to interact with the content published on your sites.
  • Efficiency – This is a measure of how quickly users can complete a given task. It mainly considers the site performance in terms of speed. An efficient website encourages the user to do more on the sites as well as increase return visits.
  • Effectiveness – This is mainly the measure of whether the user can achieve their objective with easy. How easy is it to find relevant information or get in touch with you company?
  • Ability To Learn – Can the user quickly learn how to use your site features. Are important links and buttons visible to the user? If the user learns how to use your website, they will tend to spend more time on the site which means they will be able to see more and come back.
  • Error Prevention – In event the user makes a mistake, how easy is it for them to reverse their actions. Some errors such as broken links and unavailable pages will not only frustrate the user, but also negatively affect your SEO. Rank tracker can identify such errors and notify you to fix them before they affect your ranking.

If you are an SEO consultant, the rank tracker offers a customizable reporting feature that you can use to show your SEO campaign progress to your clients. Such reports include keyword lists for every sight, ranking analysis and trends. This will see your career grow as more and more clients will be drawn to your services. Such a thing will see you top as a professional in your niche and see you attract more clients at the end of the day.

With the help of this tool you are able to increase traffic in to your website or that of your client, and this will see improved rankings. Among the benefits that will come with this is that your business or that of your client will score high in terms of sales, if you offer a product or a service. In the end this will affect your turnover and see your business grow exponentially. With the tracker you are also able to tell whether your business or that of the client will perform better or be a fail in the social media circle as the rankings already show how visible your website is to the public on search engines. If the website appears among the top five on search engines like Google or Bing without a doubt this will automatically give you the assurance that your brand or product is doing well in the social media platform as more people are aware of it.

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