Increase Traffic through Blogging Communities

Hello friends there are many tricks from which you can get traffic through Blogging communities but now I have some thing new to you. I have seen that there are many sites which drive traffic to your blog like StumbleUpon,Reddit,etc. But Now I will tell you how to drive traffic from Blogging Communities. What you have to do simply is just create your account on the Blogging Communities and then just you have to share your articles on this communities but not only your articles. If you share some pro bloggers articles then you will also get popular and Blogger will check your profile and also share your articles if you follow them regularly.

What are Blogging Communities?

Blogging Communities a place you can share your articles and get traffic from it. These type of sites helps to get more consideration on bloggers niche. Blogging Communities is a Key to Unlock the blog traffic. These Communities also helps your blog to rank higher in search engines and My main goal is to help the bloggers who were getting low traffic on their blog. For that only I just written this article to help newbies.

#1: BlogEngage

BlogEngage is a Community where you have to share your blog articles and you will get traffic to your blog. You can also share some pro bloggers blog articles then you will get more blog traffic. I Already told you earlier. The Main Problem of this site is that it is Paid You can’t get a free account of it.

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#2: BloKube

BloKube is same as like BlogEngage but it’s not for Paid and This Community is organized by Devesh Sharma of This Community is for Bloggers that they can share their article and there are some option to upvote the post. If you post got many upvote then your article will get on Homepage of BloKube but it’s not easy to do.

#3 : DoSplash

DoSplash Community is organised by Jane Sheeba. This Community is same as earlier I said that here you can share your articles. DoSplash is delight itself in providing the traffic,promotion,backlinks,etc for the community.

#4 : Klinkk

Klinkk is a New Blogging Community founded by Erik Emmanuel. This process is same as of others blogging communities but it’s little bit easy then other communities.

#5 : ManageWP

ManageWP is mainly for WordPress Posts but you can also post anything in it. You will get content related to WordPress here. It’s very helpful to drive traffic to your blog.

#6 : BizSugar

BizSugar is bit different from other sites. It is basically for sharing the small business news and tips. But from this you can get a lot of traffic to your blog. It gives you higher position and online visibility to your articles.

#7 : Inbound

Inbound is like BizSugar Community. If Your post get large number of votes then your post will be on the homepage of Inbound Community.

#8 : IndiBlogger

IndiBlogger is very helpful for newbies in blogging. From this community you can get referral traffic to your blog easily.

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These are some top sites from which you can  get traffic through Blogging communities. I m also using these sites to drive traffic to my blog. Now if you are getting any problem to drive traffic from these sites.

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