An Awesome Interview With Siddharth Bagga

Interview With Siddharth Bagga

Hello Friends, this is our first interview on this blog. An Awesome Interview With Siddharth Bagga. Today we are with Siddharth Bagga, CEO of 2 Firms, YouTube CPA and Paisafly. He is Blogger cum Online Marketer and Founder of the YoutubeCPA Coaching. Today He will be telling you some strategies which he used to get higher in his blogging and online marketing.

Ques1. When You Started Blogging, Online Marketing and How?

Yes, it all started when I was in college as everyone does, I too was looking for methods to make money online. I came across one day, discovered how Big the online market and blogging was. So I started to research and started a small blog on Flipkart Deals with their affiliate program.

I started to learn PPC and FB Ads for promotion of my Facebook page and this was when I decided that I can do much better in Online Marketing than any other field.

Ques2. Which Potential Make You Think Unique About Blogging and Online Marketing?

The potential is unlimited. But the best thing is that online marketing and blogging makes you feel like an entrepreneur as its you who is responsible for its growth and decline, Its you who can make it or break.

Also I prefer being the master of my game than being an employee in a company. This was the reason I choose to go for online marketing over a full-time job

Ques3. Can You Tell Me Every Thing About Youtube CPA?

Well it’s not possible to tell everything here as it is a large course but I can definitely say that this question can be answers by our 100+ students across the globe who doubled and even tripled their online income by using the knowledge in this course. If you still don’t have it. Get It Now!!

Ques4. Which Problem You Faced When You Started Blogging and Online Marketing?

I am an Engineer by profession, now you must have already guessed why I said this. The same drama that happened with a lot of my blogger friends.

Mom – Whats the point of doing Engineering , If you don’t want to join HCL, Wipro .. blahblah companies.

I took a decision, told my parents about the vision I had in my mind, and in the end I was permitted to go Full Time Online Marketing.

Ques6. Who is Your Inspiration?

My inspiration is as I always, the best blog in my opinion. And a lot of things learned from there.

Ques7. What Are Your Plans for Future and How Will You Enhance On Your Online Business?

Well I am already the owner of two startups , (Online Advertising Start Up) & that you already know about. But this is just the starting for me, I have just tied up with a lot of e-commerce brands and firms and we are already on our way to launching the next startup in August. Lets wait until then and keep it a secret ;)

Ques8. Thanks to Giving Your Precious Time. Please Give me Suggestions How You Liked Our Blog.

Well the blog is very good, I like some of your articles very much. Please keep posting genuine and unique content and you will go a long way.


Give a Little Intro  About Your New Project i.e 

Lets wait for  August 2014. And you wont regret waiting for it ;)

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