As we know that how Apple protects Its AppStore from being hacked so that paid applications can be easily downloaded without any cost and to achieve this target jailbreaking of Apple iDevices was made and as we know that After every new software the device needs to be get jailbreak and people still have to wait for the new jailbreak version initially made to jailbreak the newest one.

iOS 8.4 Jailbreak Download

But folks the good news is that this time after the Ios 8.4 update we don’t  have to wait longer for the newest version of jailbreaking software as this is an official announcement from the Taig group which is one of the people that provides the jailbreaking software

In their official tweet the Taig Group has tweeted that the newest jailbreaking software will be available within an hour of release  after running some last test and the news was also right Yes , you are hearing it right the final software that can run Ios 8.4 jailbreak is finally available and Folks it is ready to be downloaded and can be used to Jailbreak Your iDevices to take advantage of the paid content of the apple app store

You can download the jailbreaking software from  here: Jailbreak Download

Operating System Version No. iOS Version Download Link & SHA1
Windows V2.2.0 iOS 8.1.3-8.4 SHA1: 6F2FD18267D3F7F68C63E988A91A95066F5E6BB1

You can get full tutorial on how to jailbreak your idevices  from  here.

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