iPhone 7 Rumors Roundup

Only 3 months are left for the next Apple iPhone/iPhone’s release and the rumors started with the start of January .we can pretty much say that all the leaks and rumors are getting close to the same piece of information of whats new and not new in the iPhone 7 series (according to leaks). Today we are going to talk about the possibilities about the next-gen iPhone.

What we know about iPhone 7

Well from the yearly launch of iPhone’s everybody so far knows that the design of iPhone changes after every 2 years or consecutive change in its number(iPhone 5-iPhone 6) .But this year  theirs a different take on this piece of information we got so far it states that this time the iPhone 7 will not have a major design change only it would be more water resistance as well more slimmer. Well this may be because of the reason that next year apple’s iPhone 10th anniversary so they want to bring the best device or a new design next year for that reason.

iPhone 7 Rumors Roundup

And as far as the leaked images are their its looks pretty much confirmed that there is not a major device overhaul the antenna bands are now only at the edges and the camera is still not flushed with the back of the device but it’s now a little more protected.But you may have noticed that there’s a new color available yeas a blue color well its look cool but according to current rumors the blue color was not in the made or it was found it was later said that the new color was just a shade of the space black variant of the iPhone and so renders of a black iPhone came into being and the blue color was dropped well I liked both variants now depends both will be available or one.

iPhone 7 Rumors Roundup

A Plus and Pro model

iPhone 7 Rumors Roundup

the second leak we got according to this time there would be 3 not 2 variants of the iPhone 7 a regular iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus and a new one iPhone 7 Pro . According to leaks the iPhone 7 and the plus variant will have the same camera but the Pro variant will a have a new dual camera setup well we don’t know the real use of the dual optics it could for wider field of view or a refocusing after taking the picture also a noticed thing that the both plus and pro variant will have the smart connector at the lover bottom just like the newly introduced iPad  for connecting keyboard and other stuff.

Bye-Bye 16Gb

well according to the pars leak the 16 GB base storage has been removed and its taken place by 32Gb also a 256 Gb storage would also be available. well if this upgrade is possible I would be welcomed by most of the users.but according to reports there’s a bad side for the story apple may remove 64 GB storage for the 256 GB variant.

Improved iSight camera

well its the most obvious thing that happen with the next-gen iPhone which is the new and better camera before apple bump up the camera to 12 mega pixels which enable for the 4K recording feature this time reports say that this time the camera megapixel count has  been upgraded to 16 MP but we have never seen apple to change camera resolution that fast so it may  be fake or the new pro model would have 16 mp camera.

improved display

we already have many reports saying that Samsung had started production of amoled  display panel for iPhones which means it could make them more battery efficient also some rumors had suggested that it would also have true tone display that was introduced in the iPad .

Some other points

the iPhone 7 are going to be more water-resistant according to rumors but there is a bad side as for iPhone 7 Rumors Roundupthis cause and to make device slimmer apple may have removed the 3.5 mm audio jack and so the music will be solely from the only lightening connector used for charging and data syncing.and so ear pods with a lightning connector will be available.

Another reports claims that the apple is going away with the press type home button but rather using a capacitive home button which will join the fingerprint sensor.

Also  iOS  10 had finally been announced so it would be first available in iPhone 7.

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