LeTV Le Max Pro to be First Device With Snapdragon 820

LeTV is not such a OEM that you have heard of well still it is one of the leading manufacturer of mobile in china but that is their  side business LeTV is well known as a multimedia company just like you tube Le has their own you tube like service in china and started manufacturing android devices and with the start of 2k16 the company showcased their next flagship the LeTV Le Max Pro which will be  the first device snapdragon 820 the fastest chip set around

For a brief the snapdragon 820 was announced  the previous year but manufacturing of the chipset is starting this year . The snapdragon is one the anticipated chipset from Qualcomm and the flagship devices would support this chipset the snapdragon 820  cloaked at 2.2 Ghz and it is a quad core processor with custom cores by Qualcomm called krait along with the new Kryo CPU and if the Kryo CPU works as explained by Qualcomm we will be getting great battery backup with exceptional performance .

LeTV Le Max Pro

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LeTV Le Max Pro Design



Coming back to the LeTV Le Max Pro the devices has full metal unibody design with speaker grill at the bottom and the USB Type-C port for data syncing and charging , at the back we see the camera moduole protruding outside little bit and at the bottom the LeTV branding . Coming to the Front you find the screen and the phone grill at the top with usual sensors and front facing camera.

LeTV Le Max Pro Display

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Coming to the display the LeTV Le Max Pro supports a 6.33 inch IPS LCD  display with resolution 2560 x 144o resolution resulting in 464 ppi of density , the device is quite large due to its bigger display but still it fells somehow easy to handle than other 6-inch devices due to the ultra thin bezels provided by LeTv .

LeTV Le Max Pro Processor

snapdragon 820

Coming to the most important part for which the LeTV brags about which is being the first device to support the snapdragon 820 well the introduction to snapdragon 820 had already been given to you so we would cut that part the LeTV Le Max Pro comes with snapdrgon 820 coupled with 4GB ram and with Qualcomms custom made Adreno 530 GPU .The device scored a whopping 133,000 scores in Antutu benchmarking but we will leave the results until we get a original unit but still the devices is fluid at any work and for now it meets all the standards that a 2k16 flagship device should have.

LeTV Le Max Pro Hardware

Well due to latest configuration the LeTV Le Max Pro is not behind in terms of other hardware specifications The LeTV Le Max Pro is the first device to support WIFI 802.11 ad standards which would help in more faster file sharing as well as high quality video streaming coming to security option the LeTV Max Pro is also the first devices to support Qualcomm Sense Id a new fingerprint technology in which the sensor sends out the ultrasonic waves which get reflected back from the finger and the receiver takes the utilizes the reflected waves to make a 3D map of the finger print in shorter terms this would eliminate the problems of reading finger prints with wet or oily finger and for now it can be said that is the fastest finger print sensor around.Going to the storage options the device comes with 32,64,128 Gb  storage options . The LeTV comes with Usb TYPE-C port compatible with Qualcomm Quick charging , the battery capacity of the device is 3,400 mah which would easily last a day.

LeTV Le Max Pro Camera

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In the camera department LeTV Le Max Pro is equiped with a 21MP sensor and with OIS and it the front we get a 2 ultra megapixel sensor well both of them should perform good under low light conditions  the camera software gives control over options like ISO, Exposure  but until the retail unit comes we cannot say about the camera performance.

LeTV Le Max Pro Software

In the software department the device comes with LeTV EUI based on android 6.0 marshmallow just like other Chinese OEMs UI  we do not get app drawer all the apps are on the screen just like ios but still we get home like shortcut which directly opens up LeTV streaming service making  multimedia experience just a tap away.

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