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LG has been a player in mobile market specially for their software features like the knock code and their device form factor providing a subtle curve and some premium materials of choice like the vegetable color leather on LG G4’s back and its not hard to say that many of the times its smartphone optics are of the best yet a LG now aim to target a more premium market with its V series of devices providing new enhancements to their 2015 flagship the LG G4 with new design language and a more durable build here is the review of LG V10.





The LG V10 is not one of the best looking device yet it has some premium choice of materials first of all the device is protected by a 316L stainless steel frame from the sides which they call dura guard also a plastic back having a rubberized finish which they call the dura skin their is also a special coating on the steel chassis just like found in the  LG G flex devices which heal the scratches after some time . The LG V10 is not curved at all like found in all LG flex in G series this time the device is completely flat. Coming to the front the most noticeable thing you will find that the LG V10 has two screens which we will discuss about later other than that their are two front cameras and the LG branding at the front.LG V10 REVIEWComing to the back you will notice the LG style volume and power buttons but now the power button has a finger print sensor which is great thing.All this extra design changes are due to provide the military standard durability  MIL-STD-810G certification making it shock resistance.The device may not be hard to break if you intentions to do so but it will still be more tougher then the normal devices with the gorilla glass protection.A microphone and IR blaster are found up top, and at the bottom is the headphone jack, Micro USB port, a single speaker unit and a second microphone.Also the new device is still on the rare options of removable battery and Sd-card by taking of the back which has become make it a plus point for the LG V10 .Yet the final statement on the design would be that “its not the best design but still adds up to the durability of the device and still providing a somehow premium feel”.



LG has always done a brillliant jobs in terms of the display , the display panels by LG always are  beautiful, sharp, bright and yet now theirs not any big exception the 5.7 inch Quad HD display is one of the best you can get on the device. The display is also visible under direct sunlight and we cannot expect more the display panel but the most interesting to talk about the secondary display which just sits down right above the main display this display panel is about 2.1 inches in size comes with same pixel density as of the main display panel the secondary shifts the notification from the LG V10 REVIEWmain display to the secondary display meaning you can easily see notification on the secondary panel without disturbing whatever work you are doing on the main display more features are also available like you can set a default message also the display is always on and
you can see the time without powering on the main display . the recent apps can also be trigered from the display also the multiwindow functionality can be trigered through this display and music controls are also available.

LG V10  Hardware


In terms of hardware the Lg V10 comes IR sensor ,a Finger print sensor which we can say is not the most accurate around but still gets the job done further the devices comes with LTE support and the only storage option it is available is in 64 Gb which is good for the base storage and still an option of expansion of 2TB which would be required in less cases. The battery capacity is around 3000 mah and it easily made up to a full day usage further we get a single speaker mounted at the bottom of the phone the speaker is not the loudest one nor the best one but still does a decent job but the new sound enhancement is that it comes with a new sound chip for 32 bit Hi-Fi digital analog converter and we must say the difference can be easily found in the sound.

LG V10  Performance


The LG V10 comes with a pretty much same processing package as found in the LG G4 The Snapdragon 808 cloaked at 1.8 Ghz  and coupled with 4Gb of ram and for playing games it comes with Adreno 430 GPU the processing package is not still the best one but LG used this processor due to the overheating issues of snapdragon 810 but still using this device is quite a breeze their were lagging or cluttering found using the device and in terms of graphics intensive task the LGV10 get all the work done also multitasking was a easy also thanks to the 4 GB of ram in the device but none the less its performance is great and one of the best.

LG V10  Camera


The LG V10 comes with a 16 MP optics with f/1.8 aperture ,Optical image stablization (OIS) and a laser Guided Autofocus system with a color spectrum sensor for better white balance and we must say the camera has done an excellent job and images came out to be sharp and they were vivid ,in the low light conditions the camera tends to overexpose images but still the details was still preserved as well but main thing that we liked the most was the the manual mode yes we know that the manual mode is somewhat common now in the smartphone but the LG V10 is the first smartphones LG V10 REVIEWto support manual video recording mode not this there were also some enhancements such as  allowing you to easily monitor the audio in real time, adjust the audio levels, change the direction of the audio recording, and even eliminate interference using the wind noise filter.Also some extra video recording modes such as the  cinematic mode that bumps the frame rate down to 24 fps for a  truly cinematic look. Overall the camera experience was one of the best that we can come up with.


LG V10 REVIEWcoming to the front facing camera we get a dual 5 MP camera optics the dual camera setup is not for taking depth information for the image nor for any 3D imaging they both are two independent 5MP snapers the difference is only that the first one has a 80 degree lens for taking self portraits and the other one has a wide 120 degree lens for taking group-fies he front camera also took great images.

LG V10  Camera Samples :-




LG V10  Software


The LG V10 comes with android Android 5.1.1 lollipop and the Android Marshmallow update would be on the way . The LG V10 has got heavy UI Skin by LG just as found in the LG G4 the software experience is not the best but still the skin provides many great features to the devices as well as utilizes the secondary screen as much as they could but still there are some bugs that are needed to be fixed with further updates

LG-V10-screenshots-17 LG-V10-screenshots-16 LG-V10-screenshots-15 LG V10 REVIEW

Image Source : AndroidAuthority.com

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