Logo123 Review : How to Get a FREE Logo Designed for your Blog or Website

Logo123 Review

Thinking about creating a new blog? Well that’s the beginning of new amazing things that is going to unfold isn’t it? I am amongst the people who would completely understand how difficult it can be to manage a blog and more importantly to create one from the scratch. If you are thinking of using a paid blog platform, it is all the more stressing.

With paid blogs there are a number of things that has to be taken care of, and why would be creating a blog is just like creating a brand. I do not have to say this that how careful you have to be while creating a brand, and when this brand is in the form of a blog, it’s truly a reflection of yourself and thus you have to be a lot more careful. The major purpose of creating a brand is to create an identity which everyone recognises.

The first thing that strikes your mind when you hear the word brand, is logo. Take it any big brands, as soon as the name strikes, the image of their logo comes in front of your mind. So when I see, don’t you see a tick and your mind says let’s do it. Well that’s the purpose right? To leave an impact on people’s mind.

So now if you are starting a blog, I would say that do get a logo for your blog too. Well, I know what you must be thinking as if there weren’t enough things that you had to be concerned about that here I am asking you for one another thing. And something as a logo isn’t made in seconds and also it takes a lot of money to get a decent logo made. Well, that’s why I am here telling you to get a logo, cause I bring you one site which will design a logo for you in no time and at very affordable rates.

Logo123 Review

Logo123 Product Review :

Logo123 is a website which works as a freelance place to create logos and claims to make a logo for you within 30 minutes of you placing an order with the website.

Go to website, browse the website and if you like their website, you can click on the button get started to get your logo for your brand really soon. All you have to do is tell the kind of logo you are looking for and the concept and you will get a good enough logo at an affordable price of $5. Logo123.com has thousands of freelance designer working for them.

Before place an order, you can view the designer’s portfolio and move ahead only when you think that the designer’s thoughts matches yours. The best part about this site is that you don’t get just one option. You get a variety of logos that matches the kind of concept you were looking for and you can choose any one from them.

Get your Logo Designed for Free – FreeLogoDesign.me

Once you choose the logo you want, you have to pay for the copyright. There are some reservations the website keeps for you. If you want unlimited access, you have to pay some additional amount. Once you get the full access after paying the additional amount, you can ask the designer for the kind of modifications you want. Once done, you will get a high-resolution .png file which you will have complete copyrights over. One additional service that logo123.com provides is that you can keep your logo hidden, so that way the designers cannot show your logo in there portfolio in order to attract new customers as a part of their past work.

Listing down the features of Logo123:

1. Logo customization as you want

There are a lot of designers out there who wouldn’t make a lot of modifications and you have to adjust according to them. But at logo123.com you don’t get pre-designed logos, but you get logos as per your choice. All you have to do is specify your requirement, and you’ll get a logo designed as per your choice. Also, after painting the premium amount you can also get modifications done on the shortlisted logo.

2. Low Affordable Prices

Now who gets a logo designed at just $49 with all the copyrights and exactly the kind of logo that you want. Plus the website will also offer you privacy rights at a very low-cost. Even though you don’t want to spend $49, you can get the logo designed for just $5 and then some piracy rights are there, but those are not recommended at all, never go for piracy, it harms the value of your brand.

3. Good Customer Service

The designer will help you with your logo as long as your completely not satisfied with it. Since they give you logo as soon as in 30 minutes, you have a lot of time on your hand getting the modifications done after paying for the services. Best thing: unlimited changes available. So as long as you are not 100% satisfied, you can ask the designer to change it.

4. Network of Designers

The second best part here is that you have multiple options for the selection of designers. You get to see their portfolio and can check what they have done and how and then choose the designer who’s work you liked the most.

Logo123.com Plans:

1. Design concepts

To get a logo designed all you have to pay is $5 in order to see how your logo’s concepts on-screen. The site ensures you get different style of logos for each concept you are looking for.

2. Logo Copyright

If you like the logo and have paid up your mind to get the logo for your brand or website, you can pay $49 and get the copyrights for that logo. Once your confirmation and payment is received by the confirmation will get a high-resolution .png logo and its vector source file as well.

3. Unlimited Revisions and Privacy Options

If you want some revisions with your logo, all you have to do is pay $20 and get all the modifications done with all the rights. The number of modifications is unlimited, the designer will work for you as long as you are not completely satisfied with the logo. Also, in another $20 you get a privacy option, so the logo is not shown to any other potential or existing client and is not in the designers portfolio.

Try it Now

So all in all, in $94 you get a whole logo made as per your choice, with copyrights, unlimited modifications and all the privacy options. Good deal, isn’t it?

Logo123 Review : How to Get a FREE Logo Designed for your Blog or Website

Logo123 is a website which works as a freelance place to create logos and claims to make a logo for you within 30 minutes of you placing an order with the website.

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