Luxury At It’s Price : World Most Expensive Phones

Everyone even the one reading this article have always got one thing in their mind about their phone that how expensive the phone was for them that they bought but my boy if you do not know how expensive are the phones can get then you are still living on another dimension where you think the iPhones are the most costliest . So to remove that state of mind we have formed a list of the worlds top expensive phones in todays date dont be surprised on seeing their hefty prices
But you must keep in mind that these devices are not any superior to the other devices that we buy today its just that they are formed to provide so me bragging rights for the money you own

List Of World Most Expensive Phones:-

10  iPhone Princess Plus 170,400 $

World most Expensive phone

iPhone Princess Plus

As i am starting with least expensive of all the device but still for a moderate person or not much rich person this device comes with a expensive price tag of $170,400 the iPhone princess plus is named princess because of the diamonds that are princess cut but overall the phone consist of 318 diamonds on the exterior of the phone and having 138 of them being princess cut and all of them coming with 17.75 carat of diamond alone but a last thing left the 18 carat white gold trim on the phone can say somehow justify the price of $170,400 and due to this price the iPhone princess plus had made to the list of world most expensive phones.

9 Savelli Smartphone $250,000Ravishing Luxury Smartphone For Women By Savelli Genéve


At the 9th position of the worlds expensive phone is the Savelli Smartphone well there is nothing special with the interior of this phone but still when you look at the price tag there needs to be something that have possible made it to reach the list of world expensive phones with 250,000$ price tag and the reason for that is the exterior design the entire phone which is made of 18 carat of gold and any jewel that you want on that device but no that’s not the only thing that is given you can even get the phone with animal skin finish like the snake skin or the iguana so can be easily said that the combination of the exotic animal with smartphone and diamonds can get quite expensive

8 black diamond VIPN Smartphone $300,000


Well this one was the one that I also did not thought that it would be that expensive but it made to 8th position of the list of worlds most expensive phone This device is nothing special and there is not coverage of diamonds but there are only two diamonds a big one at the rear and small one at the front in the looks department also the device is nothing special but having a indestructible screen and two diamonds have still made the device made up to the list of world most expensive phones with a price of $300,000

7 Vertue Signature Cobra $310,000

Well get vertue had to be make to the list of world expensive world as specially it is a luxury recognized brand as all the devices of vertue are hand crafted in England which justifies its premiums but there no stop at this point as the device
The unique thing is that there are only 8 devices devices made in entire world also in the interior the device is nothing but going towards the exterior there is a cobra wrapped around the edges of the phone well you may be thinking that only a cobra made that device so expensive well that’s not only the reason for this the cobra is entirely made of pearl cut diamond also the cobra has 500 rubies on its entire body as well as two emeralds are also fitted in the eyes of cobra well now you would be thinking that the device now sounds like it would have price tag of $310,000 to make it reach at 7th place of worlds most expensive phones

6 Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot 1 million $


Well we are finally at the 1 million mark at 6th position of the world most expensive phones we have the Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot well very pretty big name with a big price tag also but the unique thing is that only 3 pieces were made of this expensive device world wide and each one has its number on the back . In the design department the device is quite simple but the thing which made its price tag that high is the 45.5 k black diamond covering its front and a 200 year old african wood at the back surrounded by a thin frame made of 180 grams of gold and at the end one thing left to talk about is the keypad containing 17 polished edge and laser cut sapphires weighing 32k

5 Diamond Crypto Smartphone 1.3 million $


Diamond-Crypto-SmartphoneThis phone does not have any unique design or any unique interior the only thing that made this smartphone to cost it 1.3 million dollar and helped this phone to reach the list of world most expensive phones is that it has 50 diamonds that are designed by peter Aloisson and without these designed diamonds that device would barely cost 600$ . Also the special thing about this device is the privacy or say security services you are getting.

4 GoldVish Le MillIon 1.3 Million $


This is the most stylish device in the list of world most expensive phones the whole exterior of the device except the screen is made up of 18k white gold but that gold cannot be seen except at the buttons the exterior is fully covered with 120 karat diamonds well now we can say that how this phone got hefty price tag 1.3 million dollars as well as its 4 th position in the list of world most expensive phone

3 iPhone 6 Amosu Call of Diamond 2.7 million $

iPhone has always been a brand mark by apple and with this varient of iPhone 6 Amousu Call of diamond you can easily say it is all about the diamond that had made its price tag of 2.7 million dollars and gave it the position of 3 rd in the list of world most expensive phones . There is a diamond at the back in place of the apple logo but thats not the ending the iPhone has another pack of 6000 diamonds on its body and what makes it unique is that all the diamonds are hand crafted as well as hand fitted which made its labour cost that high and it was also produced less not because of its price but for the time taken to make one piece was of 2 months .

2 iPhone 5 Black Diamond $ 15.3 million


Well start with this availability there is only one phone made and so it is very unique also As we know that diamonds and many rare stones are quite high in price but the most fascinating thing is that this device has a black diamond fitted on this iPhone but not only this the device has other diamonds and rare jewels too make it to get a striking price of 15.3 million dollars and making it 2nd in the list of world most expensive phones.

1 Falcon Supernova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 95.5 Million Dollar

World most expensive phones

iPhone 6 rose Diamond

Well we are at the end of the topic of which is the most expensive phone of the world and we are its end. And its again the iphone 6 but this time a visible large pink diamond at the back which is main reason of its hefty price tag and else the iPhone has a 18 karat gold casing making it look more cool but ta the end are you ready to buy. A device only for gold casing and a big pink diamond at the back for 98.5 million dollar well in my view how i am gonna get that much money to buy this phone if i wanted and for it there would a lifetime contract .

Well for a guest entry there is also a cheap silver variant of the device and by cheap i mean less than this not really cheap it has normal silver casing with a blue diamond at just 48.5 million dollar well thats the half of the pink variant but still costly

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