Make your Event Based Blog as a Lifetime Blog

Make your event based blog as lifetme blog

Many of you know about Event Based Blogs. So today I m just sharing something quite different but it is like event based blog. I have seen that bloggers make event blog and earn a lot from it. So I just think over it and converted the event based blog into lifetime blog. So Now I will tell you how it is Possible.

Event Based Blog as a Lifetime Blog

Now a days I just seen that Apple iPhone 6 is too much trending. And after this I have suggested my friend to make an Event Based Blog on Apple iPhone 6. But he said no because he wants to make a blog for lifetime and want to earn from it. So I just think over it and one day I got an idea to make his blog lifetime. So I said Hinton create a sub domain blog on WordPress. He created the blog and start written the articles on it. After 1-2 days he got around 200-300 visitors on his blog I m totally shocked that without link building he got that much traffic. So I suggested him to buy a domain for it to earn. So after that he purchased He said he wants to make his blog on Apple. I tell him to write trending articles on it. Now also his blog is working awesome. Today he just applied for Adsense from that Blog. From this I just converted the Event Based Blog into Lifetime Blog.
Now think more and target a specific keyword which is trending these days and make a blog on it. After event finished you can make it a Lifetime Blog by giving the readers New things and you don’t have to take tension of traffic because it’s already coming on your blog after event also.

To make your blog as lifetime blog. You have to do it quite different from event based blog. In event blog you can post copyright articles. But to make it lifetime blog you can’t post copyright articles. Many of blogger use Black Hat Tools on their event based blog to Rank Higher. But If you use these tools then your blog will be penalized. You can share your blog articles. But in event blog you can’t share it if your article is copyright. You have to make the blog as professional but your should on one topic as told you earlier that my friend made blog on Apple because now a day Apple iPhone 6 is trending too much.

If you have any problem while doing these things or have any question or query you can ask in comments.

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